Fritz the Cat (film)

Fritz the Cat (film)

Fritz the Cat is an animated film directed by Ralph Bakshi in 1972, based on the comic strip of the same name by Robert Crumb. The protagonist is Fritz, a casual cat who drops out of college to discover the real world, live new experiences and dedicate himself to writing. The film, set in 60s New York inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, deals with social and political themes, offering a satire on university life, race relations, the free love movement and the countercultural political revolution.

The film had a troubled production due to disagreements between Crumb and the filmmakers over its political content. Despite criticism for its use of profanity, depictions of sex and drug use, Fritz the Cat achieved great success with the public, becoming one of the most successful independent films.

The ending of the film sees Fritz escape from the ghetto after causing clashes and riots, losing Duke, his gangster friend. He is saved by a red-haired fox, with whom he decides to leave for the West Coast to dedicate himself to writing.

The film, well received by critics for its satire, social commentary and animation, was however criticized for racial stereotypes and a poorly developed plot. Despite this, it had a significant impact on the world of animation, becoming an iconic animated film of the 70s.

... Fritz will finally be able to focus on himself and on writing his books. The film ends with Fritz and the fox leaving for their new life together.


The film was released in US cinemas in 1972. In Italy it was distributed by Medusa Distribuzione.

Italian edition

The film was dubbed into Italian with a first dubbing in 1972 and a redubbing in 1978. In the redubbing, Fritz is voiced by Oreste Lionello, while the other characters were dubbed by different actors compared to the first dubbing.

home video

Fritz the Cat was released on DVD and Blu-ray. The English version is available on several streaming platforms.


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