FSTVS: the new animation recruitment hub

FSTVS: the new animation recruitment hub

Rob Doherty, in response to the ever-increasing demand for animation recruitment, has decided to expand his FESTIVUS brand by launching a new online hub dedicated to animation recruitment and community, called FSTVS.

The goal of FSTVS is simple but ambitious: to help film studios find the right crew and to help crew find the ideal career. The aim is to become the point of reference for recruitment needs in the animation sector and for the online presence of the event and the FESTIVUS community.

“There is a huge demand for talent and crew in the world of animation, but there is a lack of resources aimed specifically at this sector,” said Doherty. “FSTVS aims to simplify the recruitment process in the animation industry by providing a shared space where studios and professionals can advertise their open positions and exchange industry information.”

The FESTIVUS community was born on the streets of London in the early 2000s and has grown over 20 years, becoming a home for animation talent, with over 11.000 members worldwide, through live events and a strong presence on social media.

FSTVS represents the next phase of expansion for this community, responding to the growing demand for recruitment support in the animation industry. It is aimed at industry professionals, students and recent graduates, offering more job opportunities, as well as news, updates, specific training programs, tutoring and offers.

Studios and talent around the world will be able to sign up to the FSTVS Working Committee, which will offer a one-stop shop for crews of all levels and disciplines, with an ever-growing reach across the UK and internationally.

The new recruiting and community hub is already live on fstvs.net.

Source: https://www.animationmagazine.net

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