Glamrock Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's) Coloring Pages

Glamrock Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy's) Coloring Pages

The coloring page shows the character Glamrock Foxy from the “Five Nights at Freddy's” video game series. The character is depicted in an animated style, ready to be colored.

Glamrock Foxy has the appearance of an anthropomorphic animatronic with vulpine features. The pose is energetic and dynamic, with one arm raised almost in greeting and an exuberant and welcoming expression. Foxy's face is characterized by a large open mouth with prominent fangs, large eyes with irises and pupils, and arched eyebrows that suggest enthusiasm. He wears a monocle over his right eye and has a hoop earring on his left ear, with a lock of hair falling across his forehead.

The animatronic wears a jacket with a turndown collar, open at the chest to reveal a t-shirt underneath. There are details that suggest a design inspired by the '80s, such as the arms decorated with bands and the wrists equipped with bracelets. The belt, which holds the trousers decorated with stars and hearts, is simple with a large rectangular buckle. His legs are sturdy, with knees slightly bent to give a sense of movement.

Foxy's tail is depicted with a sinuous movement, and his paws have a shoe-like design, with cuffs at the base. The design is outlined with thick, clear lines to facilitate coloring and allow colorists to express themselves creatively with a range of colors.

Glamrock Foxy is a fascinating and complex character from the Five Nights at Freddy's universe, who stands out for his unique style and engaging story. He first appears in the Security Breach: Ruin DLC, under Roxy's trail, where only his artwork is visible, depicting him as some sort of cowboy. This detail adds an extra layer of mystery to his character, as his role in the Pizzaplex remains unknown.

Appearance and Features

Glamrock Foxy shares similar traits to other Foxy variants, having red fur with beige accents, a hook for his right hand, brown pants, and an eye patch. However, he stands out in his cowboy attire, complete with brown vest, blue button-up shirt, black belt with gold buckle, orange neckerchief, and a brown cowboy hat with an orange stripe. His paws feature black claws, and he also has orange freckles on his face.

History and Role

Glamrock Foxy's story is greatly enriched in the context of the “Open for Business” DLC of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, where he takes on a protagonist role. Originally the pirate-themed keyboardist of Kid's Cove's main animatronic and mascot band, Glamrock Foxy is notable for his heroic spirit. One day, he helps a young boy named Ethan Fitzgerald find his younger brother Joey and helps them escape from the Pizzaplex, avoiding the other murderous animatronics. This act of courage, unfortunately, costs him his life.


Unlike his previous counterparts, Glamrock Foxy is generally kind and friendly, enjoying performances for the patrons of the Pizzaplex and happily working with the children in Kid's Cove. His heroic nature is fully manifested when he, after freeing himself from Vanny's virus, decides to help the kidnapped children escape, demonstrating a deep sense of empathy and altruism.


Glamrock Foxy's story ends tragically but heroically. After helping Ethan and Joey escape, he is dismantled by STAFF bots on Vanny's orders. His end marks not only the loss of a hero but also a change in the Pizzaplex, with the closing of Kid's Cove and the removal of his artistic presence. However, his heroic spirit lives on through the memories of those he saved and the message he leaves for Freddy, which he will use to disconnect from the VANNI network

Glamrock Foxy, with her '70s glam rock style and heroic character, stands out as one of Five Nights at Freddy's' most memorable and beloved characters, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of fans.

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