Bravo Molière (Molierissimo), the 1987 animated series

Bravo Molière (Molierissimo), the 1987 animated series

Well done Moliere (Very Molieri) is a French animated television series in 26 episodes of 25 minutes produced by IDDH and broadcast in October 1989 in Cabou Cadin1 on Canal +. Re-broadcast from 7 January 19902 in Amuse 3 on FR3.

Well done Moliere (Very Molieri) was broadcast on Italia 1 in 1991 and on a circuit of regional networks headed by Junior Tv in 1994. The Italian theme song is written by Alessandra Valeri Manera and Massimiliano Pani and sung by Cristina D'Avena and published in 1991 on Fivelandia 9 - The most beautiful original songs of your friends on TV.


This cartoon is inspired by the life and adventures of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, a famous actor and author better known by his stage name of Molière. The story is set in XNUMXth century Paris. Son of King Louis' upholsterer, Molière began his studies at the famous “Collège de Clermont” and soon graduated becoming a lawyer. His interests, however, lead him to the theater, in the years when Scaramucce was in Paris. Soon the two met and a deep friendship was born, so much so that Molière decided to abandon his legal career and devote time and soul to art of acting.


  1. The mask and the sword
  2. The children of the family
  3. The illustrious theater
  4. Medea's dress
  5. The traveling theater
  6. the dazed
  7. The fight for Paris
  8. The Prince of Conti
  9. To collect
  10. The whims of a great man
  11. Lord brother of the king
  12. The big day
  13. The barn book
  14. The precious ridicule
  15. They are
  16. The arrest
  17. The turning point
  18. The Royal Palace Theater
  19. Escape
  20. Vaulx the Viscount
  21. exile
  22. The brigands
  23. Harlequin night
  24. Two young drummers
  25. Girls' school
  26. The pleasures of the enchanted island

Technical data

Original title Very Molieri
Original language French
Country France
character design Matthew O'Callaghan
Studio IDDH
1st TV 1987
Episodes 26 (complete)
Duration 30 min
Episode duration 30 min
Italian network Italy 1, Junior Tv
1st Italian TV 1991
Italian episodes 26 (complete)
Italian episode length. 24'


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