Hazbin Hotel – The musical animated series for adults

Hazbin Hotel – The musical animated series for adults

Hazbin Hotel is an animated musical series for adults created by Vivienne “Vivziepop” Medrano. The series revolves around the adventures of Charlie Morningstar, Princess of Hell, in her quest to find a way for the demons to be "rehabilitated" and allowed into heaven. She opens a rehab hotel that offers demons a chance at redemption and to be better people. The pilot, released on YouTube on October 28, 2019, was done entirely by freelance animators and was largely funded by Medrano Patreon followers.

Its first season was produced by independent entertainment company A24. By August 2020, the show had developed a dedicated fan base, with the 31-minute pilot receiving over 83 million views as of February 2023, an increase from the pilot's 32 million viewers in May 2020.

The popularity and success of the pilot series allowed Medrano to create a spin-off series called Helluva Boss which premiered on October 31, 2020. The series features a different cast of characters within the same frame in the 'universe.


The series follows the character of Charlie Morningstar (voiced by Jill Harris), the princess of Hell, who wants to fulfill her seemingly impossible dream of opening a hotel called "Happy Hotel", which aims to rehabilitate sinners. Due to overpopulation, Hell goes through an annual purge once a year, where angels descend from heaven and slay the demons. Charlie finds this upsetting and wants to find a more peaceful solution to the overpopulation problem. Her goal is to get them "checked out" of Hell as redeemed souls and be accepted into Heaven.

With the help of her devoted manager and girlfriend, Vaggie (Monica Franco) and their reluctant first patron, pornographic film actor Angel Dust (Michael Kovach, pilot), she is determined to make her dream come true. But when his live television proposition goes awry, his plan catches the attention of powerful "Radio Demon" Alastor (Edward Bosco) who, despite having found his conviction in the redeemable Redemption, wants to help Charlie run the hotel. for your own entertainment. To help out with the hotel, Alastor summons Niffty, the hotel housekeeper and Husk, the hotel bartender


Charlie Morningstar
Charlie Morningstar is the main protagonist and founder of the titular Hazbin Hotel (originally called Happy Hotel). She is the daughter of King Lucifer and Queen Lilith, and was born in Hell. She was confirmed bisexual by series creator Vivienne Medrano on her Twitter account.


Vaggie (voiced by Monica Franco) is the manager of the Hazbin Hotel and Charlie's girlfriend. She is very supportive towards Charlie and she has a quick temper. Despite said temper of hers, she often tries to be a level-headed and rational person, and she struggles to keep the hotel's image from being tarnished by the antics of Charlie and Angel Dust. VAGGIE is a lesbian character. She was originally a character in the webcomic Zoophobia.

angel dust
Angel Dust (voiced by Michael Kovach (pilot)) is a Demon Gay Spider adult entertainer and the first volunteer for Charlie's rehabilitation program. He doesn't take Charlie's cause seriously and tends to get nasty about him. He was originally a character in the webcomic Zoophobia.

Alastor The “Radio Demon” (voiced by Edward Bosco; singing voice by Gabriel C. Brown (pilot)) is an overlord of Hell. His voice has an effect that mimics radio static, complete with sound effects and theme music. He offers her powers to Charlie to help her maintain her goal of running the hotel, but only for her amusement. Alastor is an asexual character. He originally he was a character in the webcomic Zoophobia.

Niffty is a hyperactive little Cyclopean demon from the 50s who is obsessed with cleanliness and men.

Husk (voiced by Mick Lauer) is a cantankerous, playful, alcoholic cat demon. According to an entertainer from Hazbin Hotel, he is pansexual. He was originally a character in the webcomic Zoophobia.

Helluva boss

Blitzo (pronounced blitz; voiced by Brandon Rogers, Mason Blomberg (Young Blitzo); Singing Voice by Michael Romeo Ruocco) is the founder of IMP (Pros of Instant Murder) and the protagonist of Helluva's boss. He has an on-and-off relationship with Stolas. He slams Moxxie and Millie out of work, much to Moxxie's annoyance. According to his official Instagram account, he is pansexual.

Moxxie (voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz) is IMP's straight man weapons expert and is married to Millie. He is easily annoyed by Blitzo's immaturity. In September 2020, series creator Vivienne Medrano revealed that she is bisexual on her Twitter account.

Millie (voiced by Vivian Nixon, Erica Lindbeck (pilot)) is the Bruiser of IMP and is married to Moxxie. He's an extrovert and isn't afraid to speak his mind to him, whether he's expressing excitement or he's throwing himself at a co-worker. She is also highly protective of Moxxie and will fly into a rage if she is in danger.

Loona (voiced by Erica Lindbeck) is IMP's hellish receptionist. She generally has no interest in the matters going on around her. Loona is usually rude and apathetic towards her colleagues. She is Blitzo's adopted daughter, to whom she occasionally shows a softer side.

Stolas (voiced by Bryce Pinkham, Leander Lewis (Young Stolas), Brock Baker (pilot)) is a Gothic demon from Hell. She has a complicated relationship with Blitzo, to whom she often makes flirtatious comments. He was married to Stella and has a daughter named Octavia, around whom he acts like a "stupid dad", putting his happiness above all else.


In July 2020, a webcomic titled "Dirty Healings" showing how Angel Dust learned of the hotel, was completed, containing twenty-two pages and hosted on the official website. Another cartoon titled “A Day in the Afterlife” focusing on Alastor's daily life in Hell was submitted to the website on October 19, 2020, containing sixteen pages

Technical data

Gender: Music
Comedy: Black
Author: Vivienne Medrano
Creative director Vivienne Medrano
Voices di
Jill Harris
Monica Franco
Edward Bosco
Mick Lauer
Faye mata
Evan Alderete (pilot)
Gooseworx (pilot)
Thomas Ryan (pilot)
country of origin United States
Original language English
Executive producer Vivienne Medrano
Editor Vivienne Medrano
Duration 31 minutes (pilot)
Manufacturing companies
Characters SpindleHorse
A24 (series)
Bento Box Entertainment (series)
Original network YouTube (pilot)
Transmission 28 October 2019 - present