Here is Roger Rabbit – The best of Roger Rabbit – the 1996 vhs

Here is Roger Rabbit – The best of Roger Rabbit – the 1996 vhs

In 1996, many Italians had the opportunity to embrace the most extravagant rabbit in the world thanks to the videotape "Ecco Roger Rabbit" (original title "The best of Roger Rabbit"). This collection, created by the brilliant collaboration between Walt Disney Studios and Steven Spielberg, was a real treat for animation lovers, bringing to light three of Roger Rabbit's funniest short films.

The Short Films:

  1. Tummy Trouble – Here, our hyperactive hero gets into serious “trouble” when Baby Herman swallows a toy. The rush to the hospital turns into cartoonish mayhem, with moments of pure hilarity that only Roger Rabbit can deliver.
  2. Rabbit Roller Coaster – This adventure begins when a Baby Herman carnival balloon escapes and flies away. Roger, in an attempt to retrieve it, embarks on a series of hilarious adventures, culminating in the craziest roller coaster ride in the history of animation.
  3. Trail Mix-Up – Despite the help of a friendly forest ranger (played by the sultry Jessica Rabbit), Roger can't avoid another mess trying to rescue the troubled Baby Herman. In this episode, he takes on bees, bears and a mad dash across a sawdust river – all for duty!

Extra Contents:

In addition to the three main shorts, the "Here's Roger Rabbit" VHS offers a series of extra contents that further enrich the experience:

  • Green alert screens
  • Walt Disney Home Video logo
  • Trailer for “Gargoyles: The Movie”
  • Video preview of “Aladdin and the King of Thieves”
  • Promo for “Timon and Pumbaa's Wild Adventures”
  • “Stand by Me” Music Video
  • Notice on Full Screen format
  • The presentation of “The Best of Roger Rabbit”

Thanks to this content, VHS not only celebrates the iconic Roger Rabbit character, but also offers a nostalgic immersion in the world of animation and home video of the 90s. “Introducing Roger Rabbit” stands as a testament to the creative genius that defined an era and continues to delight generations of animation fans.