Raven Goblin Kabuto – The 1990 anime series

Raven Goblin Kabuto – The 1990 anime series

Karasu Tengu Kabuto is a manga series written and illustrated by Buichi Terasawa in 1987. The plot revolves around those who have the blood of the Karasu Tengu (the raven demon) in their veins, and must fight against the forces of evil. Together with four other holy ninja warriors, Karasu Tengu Kabuto fights against the evil god Kuroyasha and his acolytes. The battle is perpetuated through generations, and in the second volume of the manga, Kabuto's son makes his appearance as the second Karasu Tengu.

The manga was serialized in Fresh Jump in 1987-1988, and later published in the United States by ComicsOne (as Kabuto in 2001). Subsequently, the manga was adapted into a 39-episode anime series in 1990–1991, with six special episodes. Additionally, an OVA titled “Raven Tengu Kabuto: The Monster with Golden Eyes” was made, which was released in 1992.

The series received positive reviews and was appreciated by fans of the historical-fantasy genre. The gripping plot and well-developed characters contributed to the success of the series. Both the manga and the anime have enjoyed good success both in Japan and abroad, becoming one of the iconic series of the genre.

The series has proven to have a lasting impact on popular culture and continues to enjoy popularity among anime and manga fans. With its engaging narrative and distinctive style, Karasu Tengu Kabuto continues to be a point of reference in the world of Japanese animation.

– Title: Karasu Tengu Kabuto
– Director: Gen Fukuda, Takashi Watanabe
– Author: Buichi Terasawa
– Production studio: Terasawa Production
– Number of episodes: 39 (26 episodes to cover the manga, with 13 episodes for new additions on episodes reused as specials)
– Country: Japan
– Genre: Historical Fantasy
– Duration: unknown
– TV network: NHK
– Release date: July 29, 1990 – June 30, 1991
– Other facts: The manga was published in 1987-1988 and was adapted into a 39-episode anime series in 1990-1991, with six special episodes.
– The OVA “Raven Tengu Kabuto: The Golden-Eyed Beast” was directed by Buichi Terasawa and was released on July 24, 1992 with a runtime of 45 minutes. A two-volume manga version (published by Shueisha) and a 39-episode anime series, broadcast by NHK, were produced.

Source: wikipedia.com

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