Kid Power – The animated series of the 70s

Kid Power – The animated series of the 70s

In the 70s, children's television saw a quiet revolution with the arrival of “Kid Power,” an animated series based on Morrie Turner's “Wee Pals” comic strip. This series, broadcast on ABC, was not only entertainment, but also a powerful message of inclusion and diversity.

Origins and Inspiration

“Kid Power” originates from the comic strip “Wee Pals”, created in 1965 by Morrie Turner. Turner, the first African-American cartoonist to achieve national success, introduced a group of children of different ethnic backgrounds to the world of comics, breaking the mold in an era when ethnic diversity was rarely represented in the media. The TV series brought these characters into a new dimension, maintaining the original spirit of the comic.

The Plot and the Characters

“Kid Power” followed the daily adventures of the “Rainbow Club”, a group of children from different ethnic and social backgrounds. Each episode was a blend of humor, adventure and life lessons, often tackling themes such as friendship, respect for differences and the importance of inclusion. The characters, each with their own distinctive personality, were a microcosm of society, reflecting diversity and unity.

Music and Pop Culture

A distinctive aspect of “Kid Power” was its soundtrack. Each episode featured an original song performed by The Curbstones, a musical group that helped define the series' sonic identity. Some of these songs were later collected into an album released by Pride (MGM) Records, becoming a treasure for music enthusiasts and collectors.

Impact and Legacy

Although “Kid Power” was on the air for a short time, its influence was long-lasting. The series was pioneering in introducing themes of diversity and inclusion in a format accessible to children. It paved the way for future productions that embraced diversity as a central element.

“Kid Power” remains a shining example of how cartoons can be more than just entertainment. Through its inclusive storytelling and memorable characters, the series has left an indelible mark on the history of children's television, reminding us of the power of media to positively influence young minds.

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