LEGO 43231 Disney Wish Asha's Cottage – Toy Dollhouse

LEGO 43231 Disney Wish Asha's Cottage – Toy Dollhouse

LEGO and Disney join forces to bring “Asha's Cottage” to the world of toys, a playset inspired by the new animated film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Wish”. This LEGO ǀ Disney Wish set is designed to stimulate the creativity and imagination of boys and girls aged 7 and up.

Fascinating Characters and Details

The set includes Asha, Sakina and Sabino mini dolls, along with a Star figure, giving kids a cast of characters to play out or make up stories with. Asha's cottage, a two-story toy house, is full of details that encourage role-play and storytelling. The cottage's opening design reveals a cozy kitchen and a bedroom with a fireplace, both filled with accessories such as furniture, a smiley face cake, a notebook, a spoon and a fork.

A Bit of Magic in the Garden

Outside the cottage, children will discover a wishing well, which adds a touch of magic to the game. This element allows little "Wish" fans to express their wishes and create ever new and compelling stories inspired by the film.

Expandable for Even More Fun

The LEGO ǀ Disney Wish dollhouse can be combined with other sets in the series (43223 and 43224, sold separately), allowing children to expand their play universe and experience even bigger, more imaginative adventures.

A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

“Asha's Cottage” is an ideal gift idea for Christmas or any special occasion. It's perfect for fans of Disney films, offering a gaming experience that inspires adventure and takes imagination to new heights.

“Asha's Cottage” LEGO ǀ Disney Wish is your gateway to a world of imagination and creativity. This LEGO set offers a challenging building experience and a rich play world that will enchant children, leading them to explore the infinite possibilities of imagination through play.

With the LEGO ǀ Disney Wish Asha's Cottage playset, children aged 7 and up can relive the adventures of the new Disney Wish movie. The set includes mini LEGO dolls of Asha, Sakina, Sabino and Star figure, along with Asha's 2-story toy house, complete with kitchen and bedroom for immersive role-play. Outside the cottage there is also a wishing well where children can make up stories inspired by the film. This set can be combined with others in the series for an expanded play experience. It is an ideal gift for children and Disney film fans, which stimulates imagination and creative play.

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