“LEO DA VINCI” in streaming on the page of T. Sant'Anna dom. November 22

“LEO DA VINCI” in streaming on the page of T. Sant'Anna dom. November 22

If you can't go to the theater, the theater comes to your home!

Sunday 22 November at 16,30 pm on the FB page of the Sant'Anna Theater

The Some present "LEO DA VINCI", an extraordinary show that tells, as in a film, an unprecedented young fifteen year old genius. The review "The theater in your home" is organized by the theater company Gli Some in collaboration with ISRE for the ALTER-NATIVE DIGITALI project.

Sunday 22 November at 16,30 pm the young “Leo da Vinci” and his friends are the protagonists of the new streaming show for children and families on the FB page of the Teatro Sant'Anna in Treviso.

The one proposed by the theater company Gli Some is the 4th appointment of the review "The theater at your home", which presents every week an engaging and fun event that children can watch from the comfort of their home, and which they can then review when they wish, by connecting to the theater pagehttps://www.facebook.com/AlcuniTeatro).

The billboard dedicated to this participatory theater streaming experiment - a very successful test, looking at the ever increasing numbers of participation from all over Italy and also from abroad - was conceived by THE SOME, is made in collaboration with ISRE- International Salesian Institute of Educational Research, for the ALTER-NATIVE DIGITALI project and is funded by REGION OF VENETO which finances the operation through the Regional Operational Program ESF 2014-2020 | Axis 1 - Employability - Training Area on DGR 818 | 4285-0001-818-2020.

"LEO DA VINCI" - The scheduled show is very funny and sees on stage two characters known and loved by children: the CAPI (Sergio Manfio, who also signs the direction) and the ASSISTANT (Francesco manfio), as well as an unreleased fifteen-year-old Leonardo da Vinci together with his friends Lisa and Lorenzo (the latter in cartoon form). All together, humans and cartoons, they will be able to excite and involve children and teenagers even in the "remote" mode.


The show is set in the studio of two cartoonists: the presumptuous Chief Designer and his Assistant. They are preparing a new cartoon featuring Leonardo da Vinci at 15. It all starts with Leonardo da Vinci's phrase: “Those who have tried flying will walk looking at the sky because they have been there and want to return there”.

Leonardo, genius-boy-dreamer, builds a machine to try to fly: Botte!

But even a genius does not have fun alone! We will then follow him as he lives incredible adventures with his inseparable friends Lorenzo and Gioconda. Gioconda needs help because - following a fire - her father fell into poverty and she was betrothed to the son of a rich merchant. Leo is generous, he doesn't think for a moment and decides to help her. He goes to Florence to earn a few florins in a painter's workshop. Here a storyteller puts him on the trail of an ancient treasure that should be in the hold of a sunken ship. Leo designs and builds a diving suit to try and retrieve the treasure. Unfortunately, he does not know that even fearsome Pirates are on the trail of this treasure.

Leo confronts them, he doesn't seem to make it, he wants to surrender but Gioconda gives him the strength not to give up.

And when everything seems resolved, a new twist shuffles the cards ...

During the show, spectators will be able to see some scenes from the film "Leo da Vinci - Mission Mona Lisa", defined by critics as "An exciting and entertaining film, which, however, deeply teaches a lesson that knows no age: never stop chasing your dreams"(Il Secolo XIX).

This show too - like the others in the festival - was acted and filmed at the Sant'Anna Theater with 3 cameramen equipped with high definition cameras. The video was then edited by Gruppo Some in order to entertain the young audience and stimulate participation from home, thanks also to the presence of the flamingo puppets Lello and Lella who - during each show - ask questions to the audience. The two flamingos are the protagonists of the fun "quiz game" that interrupts the show at some points. Armed with pen and paper, children from home are invited to mark on paper the answers to the easy questions about the show posed by the two puppets. At the end of the show, parents can write to events@alcuni.it giving their answers. For those who guess there is a surprise prize, different every week! The show "Don Quixote", on Sunday 15 November, was followed by more than 600 people connected live during the entire duration of the streaming and at the end they were send over 400 emails with a surprise for the kids who took part in the quiz. The feedback from adults who attended the streaming shows, which was collected thanks to the comments under the posts on the page of the Teatro Sant'Anna, is extremely positive.They have seen the streaming shows for children from all over Italy, from Sicily to the Aosta Valley, with the testimony consisting of a beautiful letter with the answers to the questions posed during the show that even comes from Belgrade!
The Creative Director of Gli Some, Sergio MANFIO clarifies some things about this billboard, concluding with an invitation to parents who will watch the show with their children: "The trend of the pandemic requires us to reflect on our way of working: we try to make sure that this problem turns into an opportunity. What we are going to propose is not in antithesis with live shows; it is the attempt to take a path that can offer the public of children a different experience. I encourage parents with young children to try to observe the behavior of children when the actors address them directly from the small screen. We would be delighted to receive feedback in this regard ”.   Francesco MANFIO: “We have videotaped our shows with three cameras, so that the viewing is even better, and we have inserted between the various scenes a fun game to entice the spectators to participate. And then, here is something new, there will also be the two flamingos Lello and Lella who will intervene with their questions… and in the end there are also prizes for all the children who answer correctly ”.   Ruggero SEGATTO, Director of ISRE: “As ISRE we wanted to let ourselves be involved in the enthusiasm of the Some Group and try to integrate the level of educational research and communication with art, theater and culture. And we are sure of one thing: the final product will be something concrete and innovative. We want to overcome the lack of contact and presence that is created between actors on stage and kids, without losing the dimension of the relationship and the dream. The Covid emergency then forces us to find different solutions, to innovate and modify consolidated approaches. And the biggest mistake would be to think that you are self-sufficient. This is why the contamination that is taking place represents one of the most significant experiences we have started in recent years. "  

Review "THE THEATER AT YOUR HOME": participated theatrical streaming for children and families.

The shows go online at 16.30pm

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