Like the Clouds, Like the Wind: An Anime Beyond Clouds and Time

Like the Clouds, Like the Wind: An Anime Beyond Clouds and Time


“Like the Clouds, Like the Wind” is a Japanese anime television film produced by Studio Pierrot, based on the debut novel “Kōkyū Shōsetsu” by Ken'ichi Sakemi. First broadcast on March 21, 1990, the film was a significant event, not only for its quality, but also for its cultural impact.

Production Context

The film was made as part of the 20th anniversary project of Mitsui Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd. (now Mitsui Fudosan Realty Co., Ltd.). Its first broadcast took place during the national holiday of Vernal Equinox Day, in a presentation without commercial interruptions, a rather rare occurrence for the time. Subsequently, it was released in various formats, from ancient VHS to modern HD Blu-ray in 2021.

Staff and Visual Style

Directed by Hisayuki Toriumi and written by Akira Miyazaki, the film benefited from the participation of many Studio Ghibli staff members, including Katsuya Kondō, known for his work on “Kiki's Delivery Service”. This led to initial confusion, especially outside Japan, where the film was mistakenly attributed to Studio Ghibli.

What the series is about?

Set in a fictional dynastic country reminiscent of XNUMXth century China, the story follows Ginga, a young country girl who decides to become the new emperor's wife. Ginga is a character full of energy and optimism, who finds himself having to navigate between the complex dynamics of the royal court and the plots of an imminent rebellion.

Adaptation and Audience

In the anime adaptation, some character settings and episodes were omitted or changed to suit a wider age audience. Despite these changes, the film managed to capture the essence of the original novel, which won the grand prize of the Japan Fantasy Novel Award.

International Distribution

Currently, the film is licensed in North America by Discotek Media, who have released it in both DVD and Blu-ray formats.


“Like the Clouds, Like the Wind” is a film that has managed to win over audiences with its compelling plot and well-developed characters. Although not a Studio Ghibli product, the film has a charm and visual style that makes it a noteworthy work in the Japanese animation landscape.

Data Sheet

Regia Hisayuki Toriumi
Subject Ken'ichi Sakemi (novel)
Film script Akira Miyazaki
character design Katsuya Kondo
Artistic direction Yuji Ikeda
Music Haruhiko Maruya
Studio Pierrot study
Network Nippon television
1st TV March 21
Episodes unique
Relationship 4:3
Duration 80 min