Lucasfilm expands the artistic styles of "Star Wars: Visions"

Lucasfilm expands the artistic styles of "Star Wars: Visions"

In a short interview with Deadline, James Waugh the executive producer of Star Wars: Vision, hinted at some news for the next second batch of animated shorts, which will be released in the spring. For the next installment of the anthology, Waugh says producers are looking to expand stylistic and narrative diversity beyond the first series' eclectic anime offering.

“The first anthology is anime style because we all loved the style, but personally my intention on Vision was to let it always be a wider palette, because there is so much great animation work going on in the world, ”explained Waugh. “There are so many interesting voices in all kinds of other mediums that are really focused on animation right now. And we really wanted it to be, in a way, a "sub-brand" that would allow different creators to come and celebrate. Star Wars from their unique cultural perspective ".

The executive producer says their team has decided to create a "global tour" of the world's most exciting animation studios for Volume 2.

“We have studies from South Africa, Chile, England, Ireland, France, India… and the guiding light was that we wanted their narrative to reflect what  Star Wars it has meaning in their culture, but also a reflection of myths and stories that could only come out of their cultural context. Spring next year is currently where we are aiming and I think it is an absolutely beautiful anthology ”.

Star Wars: Vision in streaming on Disney +. The vol. 1 episode The Duel (produced by Japanese studio Kamikaze Douga) is nominated for the Outstanding Short Form Animated Program award at this year's Emmys.

Source: Deadline