Luna's Fishing Garden video game dedicated to fishing and gardening

Luna's Fishing Garden video game dedicated to fishing and gardening

One interesting video game released recently is Luna's Fishing Garden (Luna's Fishermen's Garden), which arrived on September 2 in Europe and September 9 in North America.

The video game is developed by Coldwild Games, who also led  Merchant of the Skies (Merchant of the Skies) to the Switch eShop.

Luna's Fishing Garden is definitely part of the healthy and welcoming game genre, with a relaxing style as you fish, create a garden and try to bring new animals to your home.

Luna's Fishing Garden is a short and cozy fishing and construction video game. Be part of a fairy tale, catch fish, trade with the fox spirit and create the garden of your dreams by planting new trees, placing aquatic objects and bringing animals to the archipelago.

Progress at your own pace and enjoy catching fish, planting and watering trees, and arranging animals on the islands. After completing the main storyline, you can stay and build your garden however you like. In this video game you cannot lose.

With gorgeous pixel art and a soothing soundtrack, Luna's Fishing Garden is designed to take your worries away and immerse yourself in the colorful water world. Meet the spirits of the island and complete their tasks, or just relax and observe the world around you.

It is priced at £ 7,19 / € 7,99 in Europe and will be $ 7,99 USD when it arrives in North America later this week.