Magical Moments – Mickey Mouse House – Donald Duck and surfing

Magical Moments – Mickey Mouse House – Donald Duck and surfing

Donald Duck wants to surf but there are no waves... How can we help him? Let's relive a magical moment of Mickey Mouse's house together!

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Mickey's House, the vibrant Emmy Award-nominated series that emphasizes preschool learning, invites little ones to join the world's most beloved characters as they utter the magical phrase: “Tiska, Tuska, Mickey! ". This formula brings out an imaginative structure in the shape of a mouse that becomes a place of gathering and learning for young spectators and
their friends, the "Sensational Six" of Disney: Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, Daisy and Donald. From the house Mickey leads the amusing musical events, in which stimulating challenges on the theme of the day follow one another. Through a playful and dynamic experience that transports them to the most disparate places, the young spectators develop the basics of mathematics, learn to distinguish the different shapes, designs and numbers and to decipher photographic puzzles.

To help Mickey Mouse there is the inevitable Toodles, the volcanic tool that offers the right Strumentopoli to solve every situation. At the end of each episode Mickey Mouse celebrates the results achieved by singing the engaging “Ballettopolo” together with all his friends and young spectators.

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