Mamoru Oshii's Hikari no Ō anime unveils its debut in January

Mamoru Oshii's Hikari no Ō anime unveils its debut in January

The television anime of the fantasy novel series Hikari no Ō (The Firecatcher Lord) by Rieko Hinata and Akihiro Yamada has unveiled more staff members, its premiere in January 2023 and a visual teaser on Wednesday.

The newly announced staff members are:

Character Design: Takuya Saitō (Knights of Ramune & 40, Outlaw Star, Macross Zero)
Chief animation directors: Takuya Saitō, Kazuchika Kise, Toshihisa Kaiya
Music: Kenji Kawai ( The Sky Crawlers , Stray Dog , Ghost in the Shell , Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence , Patlabor the Mobile Police )
Sound director: Kazuhiro Wakabayashi

The story of the novel series is set in a chaotic world in the aftermath of mankind's apocalyptic last war. A great forest, infested with flaming creatures and other fallen beasts, blankets the world, and pockets of humanity live in small sheltered communities. Due to a special weapon used in the Last War, human beings spontaneously catch fire even when they simply approach a small source of fire. Mankind's only safe source of energy lies within the bodies of the flaming ones, and the task of hunting them falls to the scythe-wielding stokers who brave the depths of the great forest. Among firecatchers, stories are whispered of one who would be "Firecatcher Lord," an individual who will be able to gather the fire of the thousand-year-old comet, the "wandering spark" that has flown across the sky since it was launched. before the last war,

The story begins with Tōko, a young girl from a paper-producing town who finds herself in the forbidden forest, beset by flames, when a flamethrower rushes to protect her. In another location, a young boy born in the capital named Kōshi hosts his younger sister after losing his mother to factory poison.

Junji Nishimura ( Ranma ½ , You're Under Arrest: The Motion Picture , True Tears , Vladlove ) is directing the anime at Signal.MD ( Recovery of an MMO Junkie , Napping Princess , The Wonderland ) and Mamoru Oshii ( Ghost in the Shell , Angel's Egg , Jin-Roh – The Wolf Brigade , Blood: The Last Vampire , Vladlove ) is supervising and writing the screenplays. Premium subscription television channel WOWOW will play the anime.

Hinata released the first book in the series in December 2018, with illustrations by The Twelve Kingdoms illustrator and RahXephon character designer Akihiro Yamada. Hinata released the fourth book in the series on September 3, 2020, followed by a side volume on December 21, 2021.

Source: comic Natalie