“Mila” the anti-war short film to support Ukraine

“Mila” the anti-war short film to support Ukraine

In the wake of recent news from Rai (Italy) announcing the return to local screens of the touching animated short film on the war Mila, distributor Pink Parrot Media is also joining the Ukrainian anti-war effort, seeking to expand the short's release to multiple international screens by offering limited broadcast and streaming rights for free for 30 days. The film tells the story of a young girl caught in the chaos of World War II.

For insured sales thereafter, PPM will donate a portion of the sales to KEPYR, the non-profit grassroots children's media organization of children's entertainment professionals currently engaged in fundraising for refugee relief efforts. ofUNICEF Ukraine

RTE in Ireland, LTV in Latvia and NHK in Japan have teamed up as the newest broadcasters to secure the rights to share this timely film with local audiences.

“This animated short delivers a compelling message about hope and perseverance,” noted Tanya Pinto Da Cunha, PPM Partner / VP and Head of International Sales & Acquisitions. “A story that reminds us of children whose lives are turned upside down when caught in the crossfire of war. Made up of stunning visuals and captivating music, Mila shares a universal message that is so important during this difficult time in Ukraine that it is touching us globally. We hope broadcasters see this as a collective global effort and take the opportunity we are offering to share this special animated film with their audiences ”.

Ten years of work, Mila is directed by Cinzia Angelini (Hitpig forthcoming) and produced by Andrea Emmes. The film was made by more than 350 volunteer artists in 35 different countries and co-produced by PepperMax Films, Pixel Cartoon, IbiscusMedia, Cinesite and Aniventure. Mila was first broadcast in the fall of 2021 (Italy) and produced in association with UNICEF Italy. The free distribution initiative is supported by Luca Milano at RAI Ragazzi and by the European Broadcasting Association.

Mila's production team included four main groups in the United States, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom. Professional artists in Italy, Australia, Mexico, India, France, Belgium, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, Spain and elsewhere have voluntarily contributed in various ways.

"I decided to write and direct Mila to remind everyone that civilians, and especially children, are the first victims of any front line," said Angelini. “The film was inspired by my mother's resilience as a child during World War II. I never imagined that in 2022 we would witness such horrors in Ukraine. Our entire team of artists, producers and I hope that Mila can help these guys cope with what they are witnessing, inspire a conversation and let them hope for a better future. "

Pink Parrot Media will seek interest from additional buyers at this year's MIPTV 2022, in Cannes next month.

Pink Parrot Media will donate a portion of the short film's future sales to KEPYR, Kids Entertainment Professionals for Young Refugees, to support UNICEF's response to the war in Ukraine. Honored by the White House in 2021 with a President's Volunteer Service Award for "service dedicated to children around the world", KEPYR was founded by industry professionals in 2017 to raise awareness in the children's media community about the global child crisis. refugees, the worst since World War II and to garner support for UNICEF's heroic work serving displaced children everywhere.

KEPYR's board of directors is made up of Grant Moran, Yang Chang, Chara Campanella, Aurora Simcovich, Johnny Hartmann, Scott Gray and Monica Dollive. The Advisory Board includes Christopher Keenan, Jean Thoren, Greg Payne, Jo Kavanagh-Payne, Maca Rotter, Danielle Gillis, Ryan Gagerman, Martin Baynton, Gushi Sethi, Sabrina Propper, Dave Palmer and Sebastian Rich.

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