Mona the Vampire

Mona the Vampire

Mona the Vampire is a French-Canadian animated series that made its debut in 1999. Created by Sonia Holleyman and produced by Alphanim and Cinar, in association with YTV, Fancy Cape Productions, Animation Services , Canal J and Tiji, the series has captured the attention of young viewers around the world with its gripping storyline and captivating characters.

Mona the Vampire

Based on the popular book series written by Sonia Holleyman and later developed by Hyawim Oram, “Mona” follows the adventures of Mona Parker, a lively ten-year-old girl with a wild imagination. Mona, along with her faithful feline companion Scratch and her best friends Lily Duncan (the Giant Princess) and Charley Bones (the Shock Man), find themselves involved in extraordinary and supernatural situations.

Each episode of the series features a mystery to solve or a monster to defeat. Milly and her friends work hard to uncover the truth behind the mysterious events that seem to threaten their town. However, behind every puzzle, there may be a rational explanation, thus allowing young viewers to develop a critical mind and explore the border between reality and fantasy.

One of the distinctive features of “Mona the Vampire” is its captivating art style. The vibrant colors and intricate detailing of the characters and environments help create a visually captivating world for viewers. High-quality and smooth animation makes each episode immersive and exciting.

The series debuted in Canada on YTV in 1999 and has continued to captivate international audiences in the years since. Its Italian theme song, played by Cristina D'Avena, further helped to create a special bond with the Italian audience.

"Mona the Vampire" not only entertains, but also addresses important issues such as friendship, acceptance of differences and the courage to face fears. Young viewers can identify with the characters and learn important lessons from their adventures.

Although many years have passed since its debut, "Mona the Vampire" remains a fascinating animated series for today's children. Its combination of supernatural adventures, humor and friendship continues to capture the imagination of young viewers, offering them an immersive experience in the world of cartoons.

“Mona the Vampire” is an option to consider for parents who want to offer their children a fun and stimulating television experience. This 1999 animated series remains an enduring classic that can still be enjoyed today for its captivating stories and unforgettable characters.

Technical data

Original title Mona the Vampire
Original language English French
Country Canada, France
Author Louise Piche, Jean Caillon
Studio Cinar, Cookie Jar Entertainment, Alphanim
Network YTV (Canada), France 3 (France)
Give 1st TV September 13, 1999 - February 22, 2006
Episodes 52 (complete)
Relationship 4:3
Episode duration 24 min
Italian network Italia 1
Date 1st Italian TV September 2001
Double studio it. PV studio
Double Dir. it. Gabriel Calindri