News on animated TV series around the world

News on animated TV series around the world

Winsing (GOGOBUS, GG Bond) launched season 3 of the series STEAM team! su all major TV channels and streaming platforms across China on September 18. On the same day, Winsing will hold the New Toy Line Release Conference to showcase the new toys and other products for the show. The adaptation and English dubbing of the program is currently underway and will debut during MIPCOM / MIP Junior. (

In the new season, Team STEAM! will face a greater challenge. However, they never fear the various problems caused by robots, new inventions or even nature. To solve these problems, children use all kinds of knowledge, such as science, technology, engineering, math, athletics and art, and show concern for humanity and respect for nature.

Benesse Corporation, the Japanese educational services company and the name behind the hugely successful Kodomo Challenge preschool educational course and its star Shimajiro, have announced that an episode of the long-running series Shimajiro: A World of WOW! (Shimajiro: a world of WOW!) was awarded at the 2021 Content Asia Awards. The episode “Our Oceans” won the Best TV Show for Kids (Non-Animated) category, a new category introduced this year to complement the categories Best Kids TV Show in 2D and Best Kids TV Show in 3D. The episode was produced by Benesse Corporation with live-action production from DASH and animation production from Answer Studio.

TuTiTu © 2021 Twist Animation All rights reserved, the TuTiTu logo is a trademark of Twist Animation.

Canadian-US multicultural children's entertainment company bulbKIDZ (Gopher It!) secured worldwide distribution and licensing and merchandising rights for two premium preschool animated series from Israel Twist animation studio, led by creators Yossi Dahan and Sarit Ido Schechter. ( /

  • Available in 18 languages, TuTiTu (111 x 11 ′) has over 7 billion views on YouTube internationally. This 3D animated educational series focuses on a cute red hovercraft toy that guides children in exploring the basic bricks of the world as colorful toys come to life. The music content focuses on abstract thinking, language learning, discovering new animals, singing original songs, and recognizing colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Five subsets: Toys, Languages, Animals, Songs and Kindergarten.
NuNi © 2021 Twist Animation All rights reserved, the NuNi logo is a trademark of Twist Animation.
  • NuNi (11 x 4 '), another YouTube hit for kids 3-6, this character-centric 3D educational comedy series creatively explores family childhood dilemmas while helping preschoolers develop relevant socio-emotional skills for daily life and stages of development. NuNi, three and a half, and her two best friends, the impulsive Abbit the Rabbit and the more rational Effi the Giraffe, comically tackle everyday issues like bedtime, sharing and use. potty training to collectively resolve any situation.
Billy the cowboy hamster

Emmy Award-winning French animation production and distribution company Dandeloo has secured several offers for Billy the Cowboy Hamster (Billy the cowboy hamster), a preschool series commissioned by France Televisions. Currently in production at the Ooolala animation studio in Dandelooo a la Cartoucherie, Valence (France), the 52 x 11 'series for children 4-7 has been pre-sold to broadcasters Super RTL (Germany), DR (Denmark), SVT (Sweden), RTS (Switzerland), NRK (Norway), Art Editions, KMB extension (France) e TV5 Monde among others.

Directed by the Swiss illustrator Antoine Rota (Kaeeloo) and Caz Murrell, Billy the Cowboy Hamster (Billy the cowboy hamster) is based on the books of Dutch author and illustrator Catharina Valckx, published by l'école des loisirs, with over 1 million books sold in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, China, Japan et al. Billy the Cowboy Hamster (Billy the cowboy hamster) tells the stories of three friends, Billy, Jean-Claude the worm and Suzie the stone marten as they embark on thrilling adventures.

Soon! School of Magic

Distributor of children's content Federation Kids & Family (part of Federation Entertainment) has entered into a series of agreements for Soon! School of Magic (Soon! School of Magic) (52 x 11 ′). Based on the theatrical success of StudioCanal The House of Magic, the series produced by TeamTO (in association with La Compagnie Cinématographique, Panache Productions and Thuristar, in co-production with VRT-Ketnet) features a group of talented and curious kids who dream of becoming magicians. The broadcast partners for the production are M6 and Teletoon.

Soon! School of Magic (Soon! School of Magic), which was produced with M6 and TéléTOON +, and previously sold to RTBF and VRT (Belgium), has now been retired by discovery (Latin America), RTS (Switzerland), Showmax (Anglophone Africa), NRK (Norway) e Quebecor (French-speaking Canada).


Hoho Rights (Hoho Entertainment) is continuing the rapid digital growth of its preschool series Cloudbabies through a further series of agreements with leading suppliers. Created by award-winning artistic director Bridget Appleby, the 52 x 10 'series presents the adventures of four children whose job it is to take care of the sky and their friends in the sky. After the recent launch of the new YouTube channel in Spanish, Cielitos, European entertainment leader Junior Planet will show Cloudbabies on its VOD and OTT services in Spain. In the meantime, the content will also be launched on the VOD channel for children, El Patio, available on the TV Player video platform owned and managed by The Alchimie company. Future Today he also acquired Cielitos for its global channel dedicated to children HappyKids, one of the top 10 ranked free apps for kids.

Hoho Rights has also signed a new distribution agreement in China with Beijing Joy Culture Media. BJCM, the exclusive agent for Kid-E-Cats e Sunny Bunnies, will particularly focus on digital distribution with a view to launching consumer products via its E-Commerce sites next year.

Oggy and the cockroaches

The French studio nominated for an Oscar Xilam Animation secured a broad agreement with Sony Pictures Network India (SPNI) for its flagship dialogue-free comedy franchise, Oggy and the cockroaches. From Monday 11 October, SPNI will begin airing the original classic Oggy and the cockroaches series, covering seven seasons and 500 episodes, on Sony YAY !.

Oggy and the cockroaches will be the biggest launch in the second half of the year for Sony YAY! and the channel is planning a comprehensive 360-degree campaign to support its announcement. In the new normal, children have switched to Xilam Animation's newer platforms and means of engagement, and the channel aims to reach them strategically through all relevant touchpoints. In India, Oggy and the cockroaches continues to celebrate strong success on YouTube with its dedicated local channel that reaches 200 million monthly views and 4,4 billion views for life.

Horrible Henry

Zodiac Kids, part of Banijay, has signed a series of international broadcast and streaming deals across all five seasons of Novel Entertainment's ever-successful animated series, Horrid Henry (250 x 11 ′) consolidating its success in global territories.

  • Netflix collected the first season for Andorra, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Mauritius; S3-4 for USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Russia, Iceland, Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Vanuatu and Samoa; and S4-5 for India.
  • Emirates Cable TV S4-5 smears for the United Arab Emirates, S3 and S5 for the Middle East (ex. Iran and Israel), Pakistan, North Africa (excl. Eritrea, Ethiopia) and Mauritania. Sony India acquired the rights to S1-5 for its Pay TV channel ' Discovery Networks Asia Pacific acquired the SVOD rights on S3-5 for India and the Indian subcontinent; And Okko Limited acquired the SVOD and TVOD rights on S3-4 for CIS and Mongolia.
  • In Europe, the S5 has been withdrawn from Teilifis Na Gaeilge for the United Kingdom and Ireland; Leisradio Oy acquired rights including free TV, pay TV and AVOD at S2 in Finland; And P&P Permissions and Rights acquired the rights including free TV, VOD and S1 recovery for Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Croatia.
  • Viacom International Media Networks Africa has been awarded all free TV, pay TV, AVOD and SVOD rights on S1-3. The DVD, SVOD and TVOD rights on S4 were acquired by Asiana Licensing for South Korea.
Cocco, the little dragon

Lingopias, the new language learning platform, has licensed a range of content including award-winning titles from ZDF Enterprises for the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom The dozen selected German-language series cover three genres: drama, unscripted and junior. Among the six children's titles are the hybrid series Kick It! Great Football Heroes (Kick it! Great heroes of football) (26 x 7 ′), animated adventure Knight rusty (50 x 12 ′) and favorite in preschool Cocco, the little dragon (104 x 12 ′).

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