Pet Hotel – the new animated series from WildBrain

Pet Hotel – the new animated series from WildBrain

WildBrain, the Canadian company specializing in children's and family entertainment, has entered into an agreement with Tencent Video and the animation studio Miaow's House to distribute the new animated series “Pet Hotel” exclusively outside mainland China.

An Animated Comedy with a Big Heart

At the heart of this engaging series is the theme of 'companionship', which explores the lives of Nai Nai, Vicky, Lili and Bubu - lovable characters based on real stray animals rescued by series director, Robin Guo. With a focus on the unexpected intelligence of pets and their harmonious coexistence with humans, each episode of "Pet Hotel" is a hymn to love, kindness and tolerance.

Where Technology meets Tenderness

Forget the classic pet hotels, because the Pet Hotel is a world apart. Located in what was once a grocery store, it has been transformed into a high-tech pet hotel. Thanks to the ingenious inventions of Robin, the hotel's owner and curator, the animals enjoy hospitality 2.0: from massage tables to food vending machines.

Daily Laughter and Adventures

It is not only a place for the animals to relax, but also a stage for their adventures and antics. Lili the dog, Bubu the guinea pig, and the cats Nai Nai and Vicky welcome new animal friends every day, facing extravagant customers and their bizarre pets. Each episode is a fun chapter that adds a touch of humor and scientific knowledge about animal care.

An International Project

This exciting collaboration between WildBrain, Tencent Video and Miaow's House not only marks a significant step in WildBrain's commercial growth in China, but also a willingness to reach a global audience. Selina She, Director of Development and Children's Programming at Tencent Video, said, "We are thrilled to partner with WildBrain to bring this beloved show to a wider international audience."

Pet Hotel at MIPCOM

For those who will participate in the next MIPJunior and MIPCOM events (October 13-19), there will be the opportunity to view “Pet Hotel” and to find out more by visiting the WildBrain stand.

In conclusion, "Pet Hotel" promises to be a series that will capture the hearts of children and families around the world, offering not only quality entertainment, but also a positive and constructive message. With a talented team behind the scenes, including director Robin Guo and screenwriter Michael Ryan and Thomas Krajewski, this series is set to become a new classic in the animation universe.