“Polly Pocket: Sparkle Cove Adventure” – The Sparkle Cove Adventure

“Polly Pocket: Sparkle Cove Adventure” – The Sparkle Cove Adventure

With summer drawing to a close, it's time to immerse yourself in new worlds and adventures. Polly Pocket, the little heroine who has conquered generations, returns in a new animated adventure entitled "Polly Pocket: Sparkle Cove Adventure“,( Polly Pocket: The Adventure in Shimmering Cove) produced by Mattel Television and WildBrain. The highly anticipated special will debut on Netflix on August 21, offering 66 minutes of pure magic and fantasy.

What the series is about?: In the story, Polly Pocket discovers Sparkle Cove, an island paradise and the birthplace of magical pockite, which gives her the power to shrink. But this island isn't just a charming place: it's a competition field. Here, Polly was called upon to compete for the title of "Protector", an honor reserved for the best pockite users. Facing a series of challenges alongside new friends, Polly will have to use all of her courage and believe in herself to win. The real magic, as she discovers, lies not in the power of pockite, but in sharing it with friends and family.

The series shows us that, in addition to action and magic, there are profound values ​​such as friendship, trust and courage. As Alex Godfrey, VP of Content Distribution at Mattel Television said: “Polly has always been a symbol of adventure and creativity, and this new installment is no exception.”

Behind the scenes: At the helm of this project we find professionals of the caliber of Frederic Soulie, Christopher Keenan and Josh Scherba, with the collaboration of Bryan Heidinger in production and Shea Fontana in the role of executive story editor and creative producer.

The arrival of “Sparkle Cove Adventure” marks a milestone for the Polly Pocket series, as it is the first animated special since Mattel's 2018 relaunch of the brand. For fans looking to rediscover Polly's past adventures, Netflix offers four full seasons.

In conclusion, "Polly Pocket: Sparkle Cove Adventure" is more than just an adventure story: it is an ode to friendship, courage and the magic that resides in all of us. A must see for all fans of the series!