Psyop's short 'Bottle Cap' will become a series

Psyop's short 'Bottle Cap' will become a series

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, creative content studio Psyop announced that their most recent short film,  bottle cap   by directors Marie Hyon and Marco Spier, it will be developed into an episodic series under the guidance of animation industry veteran Michael Ryan as executive producer / writer.

The animated short follows an insecure fiddler crab named Shelton, who becomes an unwitting accomplice in the extinction business as his dreams of being "average" are co-opted by new dreams of power and destiny. Like the short, the series will use humor and a light touch to explore the many pressing issues facing the world's oceans today, with the intention of educating and inspiring the next generation to take action, protect and treasure the oceans.

Ryan will oversee development of the episodic series with a production start date scheduled for fall 2022. The 20-year veteran has worked on series for successful franchises such as Kung Fu Panda , Scooby Doo , Teenage Ninja Turtles e Johnny Bravo , among many others.

“It is an honor to have been selected to carry on this beautifully conceived and realized story. I'm thrilled to start working in this fantastic ocean world we can play in, with a team ready to unlock our imaginations to bring a wealth of stories to life, ”said Ryan.

“Now is the time for us to tell impactful, positive and engaging stories about our oceans. We entertain and educate the public in a way that is inspired to protect what we are about to lose. We hope the series bottle cap do for the oceans what they do  Bambi  it has done to raise awareness of forest and wildlife protection, ”Hyon and Spier said.

Andrew Linsk, producer and executive producer, added: “We believe stories have the power to change behavior - we hope that by expanding this story with an episodic series, we can shed some light on real-world problems. We have great confidence in our collaboration with Michael, he brings extraordinary talent, a real passion and understanding for what we hope to accomplish ”.

Produced by the award-winning animation studio Psyop (co-founded by the two directors along with Todd Mueller, Kylie Matulick and Eben Mears),  bottle cap received the Epic MegaGrant. The "dream team" of animators, artists and technicians soon brought Shelton to life in 3D and created the seaside world of Shelton.

Watch the trailer for  bottle cap here . 

Bottle cap

With over 20 years of creative work experience, Michael Ryan's production credits include works for Apple TV +, Netflix, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Prime Video, Disney, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, and international productions in Japan, Europe, Russia and China. . Michael won an Emmy for writing on the Netflix show All Hail King Julien , as well as earning two Emmy nominations in prime time and three Emmy nominations during the day. Recent collaborations include writing a screenplay for Ricky Gervais, a musical for Christian Slater and had the privilege of working closely with Taika Waititi on an animated project.

Celebrating over two decades of exceptional artistry and groundbreaking work in visual storytelling and design, Psyop continues to revolutionize the industry and blur the lines between advertising and entertainment. Fully cloud-based by 2021, the studio community of top global creators is based in London, Paris, Copenhagen, Madrid, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires, while Psyop maintains studios in New York and Los Angeles.

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