Rainbow Bubblegem - the Chinese animated series

Rainbow Bubblegem - the Chinese animated series

Tencent Video, China's leading streaming site, today announced details of its latest Tencent Video Original production, Rainbow Bubblegem. A delightful 3D animated fantasy aimed at children between the ages of 6 and 9, the show is produced for Tencent Video and Chinese Live Fun partners by Campfire Aniworks (South Korea). Due to launch in early 2022, the 52 x 11 ′ series has already been pre-purchased by EBS Korea.

Currently in production, Rainbow Bubblegem tells the magical adventures of seven mermaid princesses who must go to school ashore in search of enchanted jewels to save their underwater kingdom from an evil witch.

Deep in the sea where mermaids live, Merqueen has created magical Bubble Gems to protect the underwater kingdoms from the forces of evil. Now is the time to find her successor, and any princess who manages to collect the Bubblegems will be the new queen. But the Bubblegems are scattered across the earth, hidden in secret volcanoes, so the seven mermaid princesses must emerge from the sea and go to the human school as they search for the precious jewels. But someone else is looking for the Bubblegems: the evil witch Black Dia, who is tired of her exile in the deep, dark sea and wants to take control of the marine world for herself. Will her black magic prove too powerful for the young mermaid princesses, or can they work together to collect all the Bubblegems and save the underwater kingdom?

Raised as princesses and raised alone in their respective realms, mermaids at first have a hard time making friends and understanding each other's point of view. Through their struggles to adapt to school life and form new relationships, the series teaches children about friendship, cooperation with others, and how working as a team can help you succeed.

“Co-production is an important part of Tencent Kids 'strategy and we are delighted to partner with Live Fun and Campfire Aniworks on this magical new series,” said Selina She, Director of Kids' IP Development & Programming Center, Tencent Video. "Extremely fun, with seven colorful and adorable heroines that kids can easily identify with, it promises to be a thrilling sight to our audience and teach them valuable life lessons on the importance of friendship and teamwork."

Rainbow Bubblegem follows Tencent Video Originals co-productions recently announced by Tencent Video with leading European studios Sixteen South, Zeilt Productions and Silvergate Media (TBA).

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