The digital edition of the RenderMan Art & Science Fair 3 and 4 August

The digital edition of the RenderMan Art & Science Fair 3 and 4 August

Animation artists and technicians are invited to join the RenderMan team online on August 3rd and 4th for this year's digital edition of the RenderMan Art & Science Fair. The show opens with a key presentation on August 3, discovering what makes the release of RenderMan 24 so special, followed by two days of in-depth workshops and presentations highlighting its strengths.

All sessions will include an interactive Q&A session with Fair speakers and speakers, giving attendees the ability to ask questions directly to industry professionals who use and create with Pixar's core rendering technology.


One of the highlights of the session is Stylization in animation - A panel with Pete Docter (Aug.3, 14:00 p.m. PDT), with Academy Award-winning director of Anima as well as Pixar VFX supervisors Bill Watral and David Ryu, director of photography Ian Megibben, character art director Deanna Marseillaise and CTO Steve May, as well as RenderMan Vice President Oliver Meiseberg, presented by VFX journalist Ian Failes (Before and after).

Recently, there has been a growing interest in stylized rendering for feature film animation. Recently at Pixar, Anima took us all to the "Great Beyond" where we saw another side of reality, one that is unknown, whimsical and magically stylized, where souls move without their bodies, and Luca facing the Italian coast where sea monsters live beneath the surface, captured with romantically stylized lights and shadows.

With seemingly endless possibilities for stylization at Pixar, there are a number of approaches that are implemented to create different looks. For this special session, Pete Docter will join us with the artistic leaders of Anima e Luca to discuss how they approached creating artistically stylized images to support the story. The VFX leads from Anima e Luca they will also provide their perspectives on the technical possibilities and limitations of stylized rendering today.

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