RTX at Home Animation Festival from 15th to 25th September

RTX at Home Animation Festival from 15th to 25th September

RTX at Home, a virtual RTX event to be held September 15-25, announced on Friday RTX at Home Animation Festival the guidelines of the event, presented by HBO Max. RTX at Home Animation Festival brings together fans from around the world to celebrate today's most beautiful and loved animation.

The program brings together the creators, writers, producers, talents and personalities of some of the most beloved cartoons in the Rooster Teeth to share exclusive revelations from their series, announcements and more. Also, panels such as I Am Woman, Hear Me Perform! ("I'm a woman, listen to me perform!") will take a closer look at the undeniable forces that diversity, equity and inclusion exert on animation today.

RTX at Home Animation Festival will continue streaming live on RoosterTeeth.com and Rooster Teeth app. RTX at Home Animation Festival is presented by HBO Max, WarnerMedia's new streaming platform that offers 10.000 hours of powerful programming for everyone in the home.

RTX animation festival program at home

RTX programming program at Home Animation Festival:

RWBY | Wednesday September 16th, 12:00 CT | Join the cast and crew of RWBY for exclusive sneak peeks at Volume 8 and first glimpses of the expanding products RWBY universe! Writers and directors Kerry Shawcross, Miles Luna e Eddy Rivas and supported by the main producer Laura Yates and voice actors Lindsay Jones (Ruby Rose), Kara Eberle (Weiss Schnee), Barbara Dunk Elman (Yang Xiao Long) e Arryn Zech (Blake Belladonna).

RWBY: The Grimm Campaign | Thursday September 17th, 13pm CT | Dungeons & Dragons meets RWBY in this new series of Rooster Teeth. Keep up with the hosts as they talk about how the series came about and why they love it D&D so much!

Battle of death | Thursday September 17th, 15pm CT | Wiz e Boomstick in this panel they explore the gory world that it is Battle of death. From research to animation, from bloopers to commentary, dig deeper with the creators of your favorite battles and check out what's going to happen!

RWBY & Jan: LOCK x Scholastic: meet the authors | Friday 18 September, 13:30 CT | Meet the authors of new children's novels RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant e genLOCK: storm warning. Hear the inspiration behind the books with surprising secrets to reveal!

Registered by Arizal | Monday September 21, 16pm CT | Discover Maktaba's world through Arizal's eyes as he records his journey into adulthood. Come for exclusive content never seen before and start your journey of discovery with us.

Red versus blue: zero to sixty | Tuesday September 22, 13:00 pm CT | Red against blue as soon as. I will not do that. STOP! Join us as we race towards the final season! Drive the shotgun with the cast and crew behind Red versus blue: zero.

Compatible with previous versions | Tuesday September 22, 15pm CT | Stick Kyle Taylor, Miles Luna, Sam Mitchell e Cole Gallian while they entertain you and answer some questions.

RTAA | Wednesday 23 September, 12:00 CT W | although we know you'd like to learn more about the extensive animation process it takes to create each episode of RTAA, honestly we're just here to have fun. Join us as we show you weird videos and talk about the crappy art style.

I am a woman, listen to me perform! | Wednesday September 23, 1:00 PM CT | Women in Austin animation presents a panel on voice acting in animation with professional voice actors from the varied world of animation and games! Join them to learn more about the dubbing profession and how these women made their careers in entertainment. With GK Bowes (Street Fighter V, gen: LOCK), Christine Marie Cabanos (Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, recorded by Arizal), Monica Rial (Dragon Ball Super, generation: LOCK), Kdin Jenzen (RWBY) and more, moderated by Chastity Vicencio, Senior Producer at Gamespot.

Recreyo Live | Wednesday September 23, 16pm CT | From the animation creator Cypherden get Recreyo! In this live animated series, a group of friends are thrown into a whole new scenario in which they must survive - and a live audience decides what happens!

I have notes: On RTX | Thursday September 24th, 16pm CT | I have notes introduces Rooster Teeth Animation team members as they discuss creativity in the animation industry, their upcoming projects and what they have done so far. Join us for a live recording of this animated podcast!

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