Sabrina the Teenage Witch – the 1970 animated series

Sabrina the Teenage Witch – the 1970 animated series

Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or Sabrina and the Groovie Goolies, is an American animated TV series produced by Filmation that aired on CBS during Saturday mornings from 1970 to 1974. The series also had a primetime broadcast as a syndicated series .

The series is based on the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic from Archie Comics and is a spin-off of The Archie Comedy Hour, featuring new episodes of Sabrina alongside the Groovie Goolies. Archie Comics writers later said they were "appalled" that Filmation intended to give Sabrina, at the time a minor but rising character in the fictional Archie comics universe, the lead role in an animated series.

According to Filmation co-founder Lou Scheimer, “We were always looking for concepts that already had a proven audience or interest, and I was actually interested in doing Bewitched as an animated series. We met with the guy who had produced it, William Asher, who was married to the star, Elizabeth Montgomery, but he didn't have the rights, so it didn't work. But then I got a call from Freddie Silverman, who was on vacation in Mexico and was looking at a bunch of Archie comics. He said to me, “Did you know that your friend Goldwater already has a teenage witch character in the Archie books?” That's how we decided to make Sabrina."

The series follows a teenage witch who loves spending time with her friends at Riverdale High and fighting enemies using her magical powers without letting her friends find out her secret.

This series was primarily aimed at girls aged 6 to 14 and contained an adult laugh track. After its first season, the series was shortened to a half-hour when the Goolies were made into their own series.

Filmation animated Sabrina again in 1977 with The New Archie and Sabrina Hour.

The series has been broadcast in Italy on various television networks since 1972. After decades, it is still remembered and loved by many people growing up in the 70s and 80s.


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