Saving Mr. Banks – Official Italian Trailer | HD

Saving Mr. Banks – Official Italian Trailer | HD

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Two-time Academy Award®-winning actress Emma Thompson and two-time Academy Award®-winning actor Tom Hanks star in the Disney film Saving Mr. Banks, inspired by the extraordinary untold story of the birth of the Disney classic Mary Poppins.
When his daughters begged him to make a film based on their favorite book “Mary Poppins,” by author PL Travers, Walt Disney made them a promise, never realizing it would take 20 years to keep. In his quest to obtain the rights, in fact, Walt finds himself facing a hypochondriac writer, adamant in her decision not to allow the character of her beloved and magical nanny to be distorted by the Hollywood machine. But as the success of the books dwindles, along with her income, Travers reluctantly agrees to travel to Los Angeles to hear Walt Disney's ideas for a film adaptation.
During those two short weeks in 1961, Walt Disney uses every resource at his disposal to convince her. Armed with imaginative storyboards and hilarious songs, created by the talented Sherman brothers, Walt tries everything without being able to convince her. As Travers becomes more and more adamant, Walt Disney sees a chance to get the rights, further and further away.
Only when he searches his childhood memories will Walt understand the meaning of the fears that haunt the writer, and together they will be able to give life to Mary Poppins, making it one of the cutest films in the history of cinema.

Inspired by true events, Saving Mr. Banks is the extraordinary untold story of the birth of the big-screen Disney classic Mary Poppins — and the rocky relationship the legendary Walt Disney had with writer PL Travers that nearly prevented the making of the movie.

Saving Mr. Banks is the first film about the iconic entrepreneur Walt Disney.
The score and original songs by Richard and Robert Sherman ("Chimney-Cam") were awarded the Academy Award® in 1965.
The film Mary Poppins received 13 Academy Award® nominations and won 5: Best Actress (Julie Andrews), Best Special Effects, Best Editing, Best Original Score and Best Original Song. Among the nominations, there were also Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.
Disney began pursuing the rights to "Mary Poppins" in 1940, as promised to his daughters.
Writer PL Travers' father was a banker and inspired the character of the head of the family in "Mary Poppins," Mr. Banks — the character whose famed nanny comes to the rescue in the book.

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