Sesame Street Mecha Builders – The preschool animated series

Sesame Street Mecha Builders – The preschool animated series

“Sesame Street Mecha Builders” is a series, designed for preschool children, produced thanks to the collaboration between the well-known American organization Sesame Workshop and the Canadian animation producer Guru Studio, famous for series such as “PAW Patrol” and “True and the Rainbow Kingdom”.

Origins and production

The “Mecha Builders” project was announced in October 2019, and despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, visual development began remotely. A necessary choice but which did not diminish the enthusiasm of the production, intending to add as many as 80 new members to the team as it entered the active production phase.

The premiere

The public's curiosity was fueled with a preview of the first episode released on April 26, 2022. A few days later, on April 30, a preview of the series aired within the Cartoonito preschool block on Cartoon Network, and then its official premiere on May 9, 2022. For those who love streaming, the series is also available on the Max platform.

Plot and characters

The series offers an original reinterpretation of some historical Sesame Street characters. The protagonists are the "mecha" versions of Abby Cadabby, Elmo and Cookie Monster. Imagined as mechanical beings, these characters have the power to grow to gigantic sizes and come with unique built-in tools and gadgets. Their mission? Solve problems by following a simple but effective formula: plan, test and solve. Subsequent episodes also see the entry of a fourth main character, Elmo's puppy, Tango.

A notable detail is the animated visual style of the series, which is reminiscent of the “Muppet Babies” reboot. This choice allows the characters to express themselves in a broader way, not limiting themselves to simple facial expressions and the movement of their mouths.

History of Sesame Street Mecha Builders episodes

When a huge floating cake appears in the sky of the “Pretty Big City”, the Mechas decide to divide it and share it with everyone. But once they finish the last slice, they discover that the cake had been sent by friendly aliens as protection against an asteroid. Now it's up to the Mechas to find a new way to stop the threat from space.

At the Great Old Boulder Museum, four singing stone heads are ready to perform. However, a sudden and unstoppable sneeze puts everything at risk. Becoming tiny, the Mechas search for the cause of the disturbance, hoping to resolve it before the big show. Meanwhile, a park ranger finds himself trapped in a crevasse and, in an attempt to save him, Mecha Abby gets stuck on a branch. It will be a race against time to develop a method to lift weights and free both of you.

The Mechas' friend, Zee, is ready to launch his rocket into space. But due to a launch pad failure, the rocket ends up on a farm. The mission? Return the rocket to base and ensure a safe and timely launch. Meanwhile, Berta prepares to take a photo with the Big Old Boulder for the town museum, but the boulder suddenly starts rolling down a hill. Once again, the Mechas must join forces to stop him.

During Food Day in "Pretty Big City", a banana split statue is unveiled. But there's a little problem: the banana on the statue isn't split! And while they look for a quick solution, an accident at the construction site activates a magnetic crane that attracts all the nearby metal, including Mecha Cookie and Mecha Abby. The team will then have to face the mystery of magnetism to free them.

At a station deep in the Treetop Woods, Marwyn eagerly awaits a delivery of eggs. But when the train's brake breaks, the Mechas must invent a way to stop it without breaking a single egg. And when a screen tears during the Hero's Day celebrations, the Mechas are called upon to help, looking for an alternative way to project photos of the city's heroes.

While the citizens cool off with an ice slide in the park, the Mechas face a new problem: the slide is melting! And at Sunny Field Farm, a chicken cart race is interrupted because the carts won't move. Who will be able to get them moving again?

Finally, Ranger Nat is eager to observe Pinecone's Comet, but his telescope falls into a ravine. It will be a race against time for the Mechas to recover it before the comet passes.

In the heart of the “Pretty Big City,” every day is an adventure, and the Mechas are always ready to solve any problem that arises.


The main characters

  • Mecha Abby Cadabby – Played by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, she is one of the three Mecha Builders. As the only female character of the trio, she takes on the role of leader. Equipped with jet thrusters in her wings, she uses a flying hologram generator to map out their plans. She also has the ability to stretch her arms to reach distant objects. She represents the planning phase in the series' problem-solving formula.
  • Mecha Elmo – Voiced by Ryan Dillon, he is one of the group's technical bomb disposal experts. Among his gadgets stand out the wheels on his feet, a safety helmet and a visor. He can transform his hands into any tool needed, although sometimes it takes more than one try. He represents the testing phase of the problem-solving formula.
  • Mecha Cookie Monster – Voice of David Rudman, he is the food enthusiast of the group. Despite being kind-hearted, he tends to be simple-minded and skeptical. Among his gadgets are springs in his feet and an enhanced vision called “Goggly Vision”. He can turn one hand into a large hammer and both hands into a large rotating drum. He represents the resolution phase in the formula. He also has a badge on his chest, the "Cookie Clock", which indicates how much time remains before they return to their normal size.
  • Mecha Tango – He is Mecha Elmo's robotic pet. Energetic and lively, she does not speak but communicates with canine sounds. Her abilities include super-enhanced hearing, an extraordinary sense of smell, and a “Turbo Tail” that allows her to fly.

Recurring Characters

  • Izzy – A young girl who often finds herself involved in the adventures of the Mecha Builders.
  • Timmy – Friend of Izzy, often helps the team. In one episode, he was a crucial support.
  • Marine – Always out and about with his food trucks, he occasionally helps out the Mecha Builders.
  • Nonna – A sweet old lady who is a friend of the Mecha Builders. She also has a twin sister.
  • Nat Ranger – The Treetop Woods park ranger. He occasionally turns to the Mecha Builders to solve problems in the park.
  • Farmer McBarn – A farmer who often needs help from Mecha Builders with problems related to his farm.
  • Zee – A space guy and friend of Farmer McBarn, often alongside the Mecha Builders.
  • Roof – A train conductor who, with his pet chicken, often assists the Mecha Builders.
  • Orie – A passionate artist who helps the Mecha Builders and loves creating works of art.


“Mecha Builders” promises to be a fresh and innovative series, which brings beloved characters to the stage in a modern and technological way. A proposal that aims to entertain the little ones, teaching them the importance of teamwork and solving problems with method and creativity. Without a doubt, a valuable addition to the panorama of contemporary animation.

Data Sheet

  • Gender: Supereroi
  • Based on:
    • Sesame Street by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett
    • Jim Henson Muppet Characters
  • Developed by: Joe Fallon
  • Voice actors:
    • Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
    • Ryan Dillon
    • David Rudman
  • Composer of the theme music: Buddha
  • Composers:
    • Asher Lenz
    • Stephen Skratt
    • Fabiola Mendez
  • Country of origin: United States, Canada
  • Original language: English
  • Series: 1
  • Number of episodes: 26
  • Duration: 22 minutes (divided into 2 11 minute segments)
  • Production houses:
    • Sesame Workshop
    • Guru Study
  • Original TV network:
    • Cartoon Network (Cartoonito) (United States)
    • Treehouse (Canada)
  • Exit date: from 30 April 2022 to today
  • Source:

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