Gruppo Some offers free 'Cartoons for Peace' to broadcasters that donate to Ukraine

Gruppo Some offers free 'Cartoons for Peace' to broadcasters that donate to Ukraine

Educating for peace is possible, starting with the youngest. Gruppo Some re-proposes the extraordinary “Cartoons for Peace” series, created in 2000 with a group of students from the Unesco Associated Schools, in co-production with Rai.

A fundraiser "Cartoons for Peace" is activated for children in war zones.

The year 2000 and its entire first decade were proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for Children in the World.

To make an active contribution in this sense, Gruppo Some has developed the “Cartoons for Peace” initiative in collaboration with the UNESCO network of Associated Schools and RAI. Over 1.000 storyboards on the theme of peace created by students in countries such as Ecuador, Egypt, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Uganda have been collected and have become a 20D 1 × 2 ′ animated series, directed by Sergio Manfio .

These extraordinary short cartoons revised to the present day turn out, unfortunately, to be extraordinarily current.

The "Cartoons for Peace" co-producers are currently making this high-impact miniseries available for free to any TV channel interested in airing it., with the advantage that dubbing is not necessary. The producer Francesco Manfio: “We believe this animated content is still extremely relevant, as it reflects the hopes of thousands of children around the world and this hasn't changed over time. In exchange, we ask the networks to make a free contribution for children in Ukraine or in any war zonea, since children are the first victims of conflicts ”.

Gruppo Some has decided to share them again in Italy as well, so that they can be an inspiration for schools and families, to help the little ones understand the importance of peace among peoples.

  • On the “Cartoons for Peace” playlist on our YouTube channel ( you can view the first 4 short cartoons, created by children and teenagers of the Unesco Associated Schools in the world, and soon other contents will be loaded:
  • War - Egypt

War is played by a terrifying metallic dragon that incinerates everything in its path. A flower is born from the rubble and manages to stop it ...

  • The helmet - Ecuador
    In a desolate end-of-conflict landscape, a child uses a helmet as a pot to plant a seed. A soldier helps him and from a mass of abandoned helmets we see the growth of hundreds of green plants.
  • The dove of peace - Lebanon

A dove flies over a war zone and is hit by a soldier. It is sold and exhibited in a display case in the "Museum of extinct birds", but a gust of wind makes the olive branch, symbol of peace, take off again ...

A little boy is trying to free a dove from the cage it is imprisoned in, but he can't do it on his own. With the help of two other children, the dove is released.

The style of each episode of the series is different, since the animators of Gruppo Some have tried to respect as much as possible the graphics of the drawings sent by the students.

Gruppo Some hopes that schools can use these materials to raise awareness among young people, thanks to the powerful images created by children and young people who tell their idea of ​​peace.