Superprod: The 360-degree impact of CSR

Superprod: The 360-degree impact of CSR

The Superprod Group has announced exciting news: it has launched a 360-degree business initiative called “Superprod Impact”, dedicated to promoting the social responsibility of the content producer. This ambitious initiative aims to strengthen commitment in various sectors, including eco-responsibility, employee well-being, the French animation ecosystem and the continuous improvement of its corporate social responsibility policies by involving all stakeholders its employees.

This new policy is based on four main pillars, which include sub-themes and specific objectives. More than 120 concrete actions have been identified to support these pillars, with a three-year implementation period, dedicated leaders, allocated budgets and monitoring indicators to ensure the success of the initiative. These actions are supported by the France 2030 investment plan, with support allocated to the Superprod Group and other leading companies in the sector.

The actions included in the CSR policy include training for all employees on the prevention of violence and gender discrimination, semi-annual surveys on the quality of working life, as well as concrete measures aimed at improving team involvement and mobilization.

The policy focuses on four main pillars: eco-responsibility, quality of life at work, ecosystems and management and sharing. These pillars cover a wide range of initiatives, from commitment to reducing the carbon footprint, to promoting a collaborative environment in the workplace and supporting students of animation schools in France.

The Group has worked closely with experts and consultants, including the specialist consultancy “Des Enjeux et des Hommes”, to develop and lead this important initiative.

“At Superprod, we wanted a pragmatic approach to CSR, based on concrete actions and aimed at significant and identifiable improvements,” said Créance. Above all, we aim to engage and involve our employees, making them the natural driver of this policy, whose efforts are supported by those of the company.

The Superprod Impact initiative represents an important step forward for the Superprod Group, which is committed to being a leader in the animation industry and beyond. For more information, visit the official website.


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