Team Mekbots Animal Rescue – The animated series

Team Mekbots Animal Rescue – The animated series

In the collective imagination, the idea of ​​the superhero is often linked to superhuman powers or extraordinary adventures. But who said that we can't be heroes in everyday life too, especially when it comes to protecting our planet and its creatures? “Team Mekbots Animal Rescue,” produced by More Minds Studio and M2 Animation, answers this question by introducing a group of children who, with ingenuity and compassion, become true saviors of the animal kingdom.

The Team and Their Mission

The beating heart of the series are the four protagonists: Mateo, Kawhi, Mei-Lin and Frost. These kids, coming from different parts of the world, share a passion for technology and a deep love for animals. Using their skills, they create Mekbots, gigantic robots inspired by different animals. Each episode takes us on a new adventure, in which the team strives to save endangered creatures in every corner of the globe.

Strong Values ​​and Important Lessons

In addition to action and adventure, “Team Mekbots Animal Rescue” is an ode to teamwork, the importance of the environment and compassion. Young viewers are encouraged to see how, even at their age, they can make a big difference in the world. And, while having robotic superpowers helps, it's the humanity and determination of the protagonists that emerge as the true driving forces of the series.

The Production Team

Behind the scenes of “Team Mekbots Animal Rescue” lies a team of animation industry experts. Rob Hudnut and Mads Munk are the executive producers who brought this project to life. They are joined by Shane Amsterdam, responsible for the script, and Steed Sun, artistic director, who together have created a captivating and detailed visual universe.

Gianluigi Piludu

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