Telebugs, the 1986 animated series

Telebugs, the 1986 animated series

Telebugs (The Telebugs) is an animated series for children starring three robots in white, red and yellow. In all likelihood, the Telebugs were the source of inspiration for the characters of The Teletubbies.

In Italy the series was broadcast in 1988 on Italia 1 as part of the Ciao Ciao broadcast


The names of the three robots are CHIP (Coordinated Hexadecimal Information Processor), SAMANTHA (Solar Activated Micro Automated non-interference Hearing Apparatus) and Bug (Binary Gamma camera Unmanned) - which have as their mascot a mini portable camera called MIC (Mobile Camera Independent), which unlike the other three of the group does not emit any vocal sound, despite having eyes and mouth (with which it can chew objects if they hit the antenna).

They were invented by Professor Brainstrain with the aim of helping humans in distress and were hired as a television reporter for Mr McStarch, the director of a local TV, but in every adventure they have to contend with their enemies like Baron Bullybyte and his consort Magna (the "gn" is not equivalent to the sound of "spider"), who have a female robot named Angel Brain, Arcadia (the latter will attract the extraterrestrial Lifo to him, with the intent to sabotage humanity, but the extraterrestrial will then ally with the Telebugs), Dr. Albert (the evil brother of Brainstrain, who created the negative copy of the telebugs and that is the Videos, namely Rosy and Piro, whose program involves harming humans in distress.

A particular gift of Piro is the pirating of television programs with the Piro TV, i.e. the appearance of a skull with crossbones on all televisions) and Dr. De Cripta, who manages to enter the computer of prof. Brainstrain and create mud monsters.

There is also a fourth telebug named Zudo, mistakenly created by prof. Brainstrain for being evil (unlike the others he has a red television head, which therefore identifies his evil program), who has escaped his creator and wreaks havoc for the world. He is attracted to the excavators with which he wreaks havoc.

Technical data

Original title The Telebugs
Original language English
Country UK
Author John M. Mills, Elphin Lloyd-Jones
Music Andy Murray
Studio Television South, HIT Entertainment
Network ITV
1st TV January 6, 1986 - December 16, 1987
Episodes 86 (complete)
Relationship 4:3
Episode duration. 5 min
Italian network Italia 1
1st Italian TV 1988

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