The Adventures of Jackie Chan – the 2000 animated series

The Adventures of Jackie Chan – the 2000 animated series

In the panorama of cartoons, a series has left an indelible imprint on the minds of young viewers of the 2000s: "The Adventures of Jackie Chan". This American animated series, created by John Rogers, Duane Capizzi and Jeff Kline, and produced by Sony Pictures Television (originally as Columbia TriStar Television for the first three seasons), premiered on September 9, 2000 and concluded after five seasons on 8 July 2005. In Italy it was broadcast on Rai 2 on 28 February 2003.

The plot revolves around a fictionalized version of Jackie Chan, a famous Hong Kong action movie actor, who in his real life works as an archaeologist and special agent. Our hero fights mainly magical and supernatural threats based on mythologies and true supernatural stories from Asia and around the world. This happens thanks to the help of his family and his most trusted friends.

Many episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures reference Chan's actual works, with the actor appearing in live-action form in interview situations, answering questions about his life and work. The series aired in the United States on Kids' WB, with reruns airing on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block, as well as Cartoon Network. The success achieved among younger viewers, both in the country and abroad, has led to the creation of a toy franchise and two video games based on the series.

The series has won the hearts of many fans thanks to the unique combination of breathtaking adventures, brilliant humor and a dose of mystery. Each episode takes viewers on an exciting journey through the culture and history of different regions of the world. Jackie Chan, with his martial arts mastery and his wisdom, faces powerful and fascinating enemies, challenging the limits of the possible.

“The Adventures of Jackie Chan” also stands out for its unique blend of animation and live-action. The inclusion of live scenes with Jackie Chan adds an element of authenticity, directly involving the audience in the show. Viewers can appreciate Chan's talent not only through his animated performances, but also through his live appearances, which offer an insider's glimpse into his skills and charming personality.

The series has proven to be an enduring success, garnering a devoted and passionate fan base. His values ​​of friendship, courage and dedication have inspired generations of young viewers, who have grown up loving and appreciating Jackie Chan's talent and philosophy.


Imagine a world where magic and supernatural forces exist, but are unknown to most of humanity: demons, ghosts, spirits, spells and creatures and gods of various kinds. It is in this scenario that "The Adventures of Jackie Chan" takes place, an animated series set in an alternate Earth. While the series primarily focuses on Asian, especially Chinese, mythology and folklore, it also includes elements from other parts of the world, such as Europe and Central America.

In the animated series, actor Jackie Chan exists in this context as a professional archaeologist with a high degree of martial combat skill. He is forced to accept the fact that magic and the supernatural exist when he discovers a talisman in an archaeological find, possessing magical powers sought after by a criminal organization.

Throughout the series, Chan is aided by his close family, including his uncle and niece Jade, and his close friend Captain Black, the head of a secret police organization called Section 13. Other allies are also introduced throughout the series. Each season of the show mainly features an underlying storyline in which Chan and his allies must face a dangerous demonic figure, aided by human minions, trying to stop him from finding a variety of magical items that could help them take over the world. In addition to the underlying storyline, some episodes are stand-alone stories that focus on Chan and his friends as they face magical and supernatural forces that are evil or don't understand their plight. While the storylines feature action sequences focusing on magic and martial arts, they also include comedic situations similar to those of Chan's films in the action-comedy genre.

While Chan does not voice his animated character, he regularly appears in live-action inserts at the end of the program to offer insights into Chinese history, culture and philosophy. These moments offer a special touch to the series, enriching the experience of viewers with an authentic and precious perspective.

“The Adventures of Jackie Chan” has captured the imagination of numerous fans with its unique mix of action, mystery and magic. The series offers a fascinating journey into a world of myths and legends, with unforgettable characters and breathtaking adventures that entertain and inspire people of all ages.


Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan: The main protagonist of the series. The fictionalized version of the character for each episode is a talented archaeologist living in San Francisco, with the same mastery of martial arts as the real actor. A common element in the representation of the character in the series is the constant feeling of pain in his hands when defending himself, the use of different objects and elements during fights and finding himself in embarrassing situations from which he is forced to flee, inspired by the films that have made the actor famous. In the live-action sequences, the real Jackie Chan faces various questions posed by young fans, mainly children, about his life, career and knowledge of Chinese culture.

Jade Chan

Jade Chan: Jade is Jackie's granddaughter from Hong Kong city. She is adventurous, rebellious and she doesn't always obey her orders to stay safe. She is the second protagonist of the series and accompanies Jackie in her adventures. The comedic element of the series often sees Jade being placed in a safe or secure location, thus missing out on action-packed events in which her uncle participates. Lucy Liu voices the character in a future version in a cameo.

Uncle Chan

Uncle Chan: Uncle is Jackie's uncle and Jade's great-grandfather. He is the third protagonist of the series, acting as a sage and researcher of all things magic. The character is characterized by a stereotypical Cantonese accent, speaking of himself in the third person and often berating Jackie for mistakes and forgetfulness. A key element of the character created by the writers is the repeated use of a Cantonese phrase to cast spells, “Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao” (妖魔鬼怪快哋走), which translates into English as “Evil demons and malevolent spirits , go away!".

Tohru (voiced by Noah Nelson): A large-built Japanese man, similar to a sumo wrestler, capable of grappling fights, but kind-minded and eager to serve those he cares about. Initially, the character was written as a secondary antagonist in the first season, but the writers decided to turn him into a protagonist and put him in the life of the Chan family (initially, Zio acted as a custodial officer for Tohru, as well as taking him as her apprentice as "Wizard of Chi").

Technical data

Original title Jackie Chan Adventures
Original language English
Country United States
Author John Rogers, Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline
Regia Phil Weinstein, Frank Squillace
Studio The JC Group, Blue Train Entertainment, Adelaide, Columbia TriStar (st. 1-3), Sony Pictures (st. 3-5), Sony Pictures Family Entertainment Group
Network Kids' WB
Date 1st TV 9 September 2000
Episodes 95 (complete)
Relationship 4:3
Episode duration 23 min
Italian network Rai 2
Date 1st Italian TV February 28 2003
Italian episode length 23 min
Italian dialogues Gabriella Filibeck and Paola Valentini
Italian dubbing studio Dubbing studio
Italian dubbing direction Guglielmo Pellegrini
Gender comedy, fantasy, action, adventure