The Amazing Digital Circus – The animated series

The Amazing Digital Circus – The animated series

“The Amazing Digital Circus”, also known as TADC, is a digital animation web series that has captivated audiences since its debut. Created by Gooseworx and produced by Glitch Productions, the pilot of the series launched on the GLITCH YouTube channel on October 13, 2023, achieving resounding success.

Plot and Context

The series follows a group of humans trapped in a circus-themed virtual reality game, forced to maintain their sanity in a whimsical and surreal environment. The plot navigates the challenges of the characters, trying to maintain a sense of normality in a completely abnormal context.

Hospitality and Success

“The Amazing Digital Circus” has garnered tremendous acclaim from critics and audiences for the quality of its animation, mature humor and depth of its characters. In just over two months, it has reached over 182 million views, surpassing the “Hazbin Hotel” pilot episode's record as the most-watched independent animation pilot on the platform.

The Amazing Digital Circus

Production and Inspirations

The idea for the series came from one of three projects presented to Glitch Productions

by Gooseworx, a YouTube animator known for his animated short “Little Runmo.” The series draws inspiration from the short story “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” by Harlan Ellison and the Japanese CGI series “Popee the Performer,” combining elements of dystopian fiction and surrealism.

The series' art style is inspired by computer games of the 90s and early 2000s. Gooseworx described the final product as a "rose-tinted" version of early 3D animation, a nostalgic homage to the era of early video games.

Pre-production began in mid-2022, with production starting later that year. The characters were modeled and animated in Maya, with the models and animations subsequently exported to Unreal Engine for final rendering.

Distribution and Future Plans

The Amazing Digital Circus

Jasmine Yang, general manager of Glitch Productions, said there are no plans to distribute the series on streaming platforms other than YouTube. Gooseworx plans a single eight-episode season for the series. After the success of the pilot episode, which reached 100 million views, Glitch Productions has confirmed the production of further episodes in addition to the pilot.

“The Amazing Digital Circus” has quickly established itself as a benchmark in independent animation, capturing the imagination of its audiences with engaging storytelling and impressive visuals. The series represents a triumph of independent animation, demonstrating that creativity and innovation can thrive even outside traditional film and television distribution channels. With its unique mix of humor, drama and fantasy, “The Amazing Digital Circus” promises to remain a cultural phenomenon in the digital animation landscape.

The series opens with a woman who, after wearing a virtual reality headset, finds herself trapped in a circus-themed video game. In this digital world she meets the artificial intelligence Caine, who acts as ringmaster, her assistant Bubble, and six other trapped humans: Jax, Ragatha, Gangle, Kinger, Zooble and Kaufmo. The woman, renamed "Pomni" after forgetting her real name, repeatedly discovers doors that could be escape routes, but Caine defines them as simple hallucinations.

The story of The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus

In the episode, Caine assigns the group a mission to stop an infestation of creatures called Gloinks. Meanwhile, Ragatha and Jax accompany Pomni to Kaufmo, who they discover has been overcome by despair and transformed into a mindless beast, a process called "abstraction." Seeking help from Caine after Kaufmo causes a glitch effect on Ragatha, Pomni instead finds and goes through an exit door, which leads her through a labyrinth of offices until she reaches the Void, a forbidden area of ​​the game. Caine takes Pomni back to the circus, where she reunites with the others who completed the mission. After confining Kaufmo to the cellar with other abstract humans and restoring Ragatha, Caine admits that he created the "exit" to satisfy the group's desire for an escape route, but left it incomplete. As a reward for completing the mission, he offers the group a digital food feast, which Pomni silently participates in.

Characters from The Amazing Digital Circus

Pomni (Original voice: Lizzie Freeman)

Pomni is the protagonist, an anxious young woman in her mid-25s, whose in-game avatar is a colorful and lively jester. She represents the struggle to maintain one's identity in a chaotic and unpredictable virtual world... continue >>

Ragatha (Original voice: Amanda Hufford)

Ragatha is a rag doll who faces her tragic reality with a smile. Her constant optimism is both a source of comfort and a veil to hide the sadness within. Her resilience and her sweetness make her a beloved and complex character… more >>

Jax (Original voice: Michael Kovach)

Jax is a purple rabbit with a careless, narcissistic and sarcastic personality. He loves to play pranks and make fun of other characters, especially Gangle and Kinger. He represents brazenness and defiance of conventions… more >>

Caine (Original voice: Alex Rochon)

Caine is the artificial intelligence that rules the circus world. His head is a mouth with floating eyes inside it, and he suffers from heterochromia. His role as controller of the humans adds a level of mystery and authority to the series… more >>

Gangle (Original voice: Marissa Lenti)

Gangle is a shy humanoid ribbon that expresses its moods through fragile comedy and tragedy masks. Her reserved nature and tendency towards sadness, except on rare occasions of joy, make her a unique and profound character... more >>

Zooble (Original voice: Ashley Nichols)

Zooble is a cranky character, a mix-and-match toy in vaguely humanoid form. His gender ambiguity, with a male voice but a primarily female appearance, makes him an intriguing and mysterious character.

Kinger (Original voice: Sean Chiplock)

Kinger, a chess king, has been trapped in the circus longer than other humans, driving him close to madness. His character embodies the struggle against time and the growing desperation in the digital circus.

Bubble (Original voice: Gooseworx)

Bubble, a sharp-toothed bubble reminiscent of Super Mario's Chainsaw, is Caine's assistant and friend, although often irritating to the latter. His character adds a touch of humor and lightness to the series.

Regina Gloink (Original voice: Elsie Lovelock)

Queen Gloink is a bizarre red and yellow worm-like monster with two heads. She is the queen of the Gloinks, creatures shaped like geometric figures that steal everything they find, adding an element of chaos and adventure to the plot.


The Amazing Digital Circus

The pilot for “The Amazing Digital Circus” became a viral phenomenon on YouTube, garnering over 100 million views in a month and garnering over four million likes. The series was appreciated by critics for the quality of the animation and the depth of the characters. Jamie Lang of Cartoon Brew described the show's jokes as "perfectly timed", highlighting mature humor. The animation was praised by Justin Guerrero as "wonderful and expressive", while Lang praised its retro and colorful aesthetic. Jade King of TheGamer appreciated the series for its ability to create a "deeper expansion of the characters than a single episode can normally do", noting how it has become part of internet culture with the creation of fan art and memes related to “The Amazing Digital Circus”. This popularity is seen as a harbinger of further success with the release of future episodes.


“The Amazing Digital Circus” has established itself as a point of reference in digital animation, a shining example of innovation and creativity. Its compelling narrative and artistic achievement have captured the imagination of millions of viewers, making it a significant cultural phenomenon in the independent animation landscape.

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