The animated series "Sunnyside Billy" will be released in 2023

The animated series "Sunnyside Billy" will be released in 2023

Clan, the leading Spanish broadcaster for teenagers and children, has joined Imira Entertainment, the Spanish subsidiary of Toonz Media Group, as co-producers of the highly anticipated 2D children's animation series Sunnyside Billy. Toonz's flagship original production was conceptualized by a team led by legendary animation master Olivier Jean-Marie, who passed away in May.

Yago Fandiño, Head of Content for Children for TVE, described the show as “A fun and original series that brings together the legacy of Olivier's irreverent and demented humor with a new generation of Spanish creators”.

Intended for viewers aged seven and over, Sunnyside Billy is a cheerful, action-packed comedy about a cute fried egg named Billy, who is strangely positive in any situation. Pre-teen Billy and his gang of friends are on a mission to protect their friend, the mythical Big Fish, from the prying eyes of greedy Tooth. The series focuses on friendship, spreading positivity and dealing with problems without losing heart. The show, which will feature an original musical score, also has environmental protection and ecology as a recurring theme.

The series' award-winning international production team includes celebrated Belgian creator Jan Van Rijsselberge, who was part of the original creative team that conceptualized the show alongside Jean-Marie. Rijsselberge's credits include shows such as Robot BoyDude, That's My Ghost!  Toonz CEO P. Jayakumar and Imira CEO Carlos Biern are executive producers of the show.

"Sunnyside Billy is a truly international show with a very strong pedigree, coming from the creators of superhits like Oggy and the cockroaches e Zig and Sharko. It is one of the latest projects that Olivier Jean-Marie has worked on, ”noted Jayakumar. "Together with Clan, we are committed to producing this series to the highest standards and elevating it to the ranks of the greatest children's animation shows ever made."

“We are very excited to collaborate with TVE again by creating international shows that incorporate the best Spanish animation teams, where the artists are equally represented, with great award-winning creators on board. We see no better channel to collaborate on this show than Clan in Spain, ”said Biern.

Previous co-productions between Clan and Toonz in Spain include hit shows such as Sandra, the fairy tale detective e bat. The animated series Sunnyside Billy consisting of 52 episodes lasting 11 minutes, it is developed and produced in the Imira production plants in Spain. Post-production work will be performed at Toonz's Irish subsidiary Telegael. Sunnyside Billy should be broadcast in the first quarter of 2023.

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