The Marvel What If ... What If ... Thor Was An Only Child?

We all know how Odin the Father of All found Loki, the son of the Ice Giant Laufey, abandoned and left to die on the frozen battlefield of Jotunheim. The little blue girl melted Odin's heart and so, along with the Chest of Ancient Winters, he fled with Loki to raise him as his own, as his biological son Thor. This latest episode of What if ... imagine a world where Odin has given Loki back to his people and the kind of person Odin would have become if Thor had been an only child.

Thor was an only child

Thor's arrival, accompanied by a who's who from the MCU, as anticipated by What if ... chief writer AC Bradley, is followed by astrophysicist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Darcy Lewis (Kat dennings). Jane makes the first contact with the Norse God to ask him if his previous party at the Alpha Star Icarus is what led to the destruction of the planet. But it quickly turns into a cute moment of meeting, just like in the "sacred timeline", Jane and Thor fall in love with each other and even get tattoos!

Thor was an only child

Thor was an only child

Before leaving Midgard, Thor pays a final visit to Jane Foster to formally ask her for a date. Before The Watcher can say, "They lived happily ever after," he is interrupted when a mysterious portal announces an army of Ultron robots led by an Ultron / Vision fusion wearing all six Infinity Stones embedded in his armor.

Various notes

  • "What if Thor ... was an only child" is a Where is Waldo? of MCU cameos. It is by no means a complete list, I will try my best to identify the characters I have spotted. Feel free to put what I missed in the comments!
  • I didn't know the various Sakaaran rebels had names. This particular one standing next to Yondu is called Biff.
  • The cat Goose (actually an alien from Flerken) is mentioned and Darcy is quick to get the Top Gun reference.

  • Darcy and Howard have their wedding canceled, so technically Darcy is still Mrs. the Duck!
  • Although not in the episode "What If Thor Was an Only Child", Erik Selvig played by Stellan Skarsgard in the movies it is briefly mentioned.
  • At least Selvig doesn't walk around naked in Stonehenge!
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the Frost Giant Loki or the Ultron Vision eventually get their own Funko figures.
  • We are all thrilled to see Natalie Portman wield the hammer when Thor: Love and thunder hits theaters next year. In 2019, when they first announced that Portman would be returning as Jane Foster, many fans were genuinely surprised, especially since Portman herself said she had "locked Thor" in a Vanity Fair interview. This was mainly due to his dissatisfaction with Thor: The Dark World and the departure of the original director Patty Jenkins. It's safe to say that Portman's relationship with Marvel Studios improved for her to reprise Jane Foster in both the film and animation.