The new adventures of Pinocchio

The new adventures of Pinocchio

Here we are discovering the new adventures of Pinocchio, the 1972 anime series produced by Tatsunoko inspired by the famous novel by Carlo Collodi, The Adventures of Pinocchio. Story of a puppet. The series, made up of 52 episodes, clearly differs in its setting from the classic stories about the wooden puppet, presenting a dark, disturbing and scary setting.

The plot follows the events of Geppetto, an elderly carpenter who wishes to have a grandson who can keep him company. He thus begins to carve a log of wood from a magical tree. The Oak Fairy gives life to the puppet, named Pinocchio, promising that if he proves to have a good heart, in the future he will be able to transform into a human being. Pinocchio is then accompanied by Jiminy Cricket, who acts as his conscience but is rarely listened to, leading the puppet to suffer the worst consequences. The series portrays the adventures of Pinocchio who, extremely naive and easily influenced by bad company, always ends up suffering from the dangers of the world around him.

One of the salient features of the series is the theme of the suffering of the puppet, who is continually subjected to physical and psychological abuse due to his limitations linked to his being made of wood. Each natural element has its own spectrum or spirit that represents it, leading Pinocchio to face numerous challenges.

The series achieved great success in Japan and was broadcast on various local networks, subsequently arriving in Italy where it was distributed by Doro TV Merchandising and broadcast on various local networks starting from 18 February 1980. The Italian version, restored and distributed from Yamato Video, is available for streaming on Prime Video.

The new adventures of Pinocchio has won the hearts of many generations, bringing a dark and disturbing version of the famous puppet, remaining an anime series that has left its mark in the world of animation.

Pinocchio does not kidnap Tina, the daughter of Baleno the cat. Baleno doesn't want to betray his friend, but his wife Guendalina does everything to convince him to become rich in exchange for Tina's freedom. The situation is resolved and when Pinocchio's master goes to prison, the two friends make peace and Tina confides in Pinocchio that she loves him. The Teatrino Mangiafuoco hits the village at that moment and Pinocchio decides to use his powers to keep the inhabitants safe. At that moment the Fairy decides to make him a real child.…

Pinocchio is a spy「そっとするのだ」25 January 1972 Pinocchio, now a child, brings a great change to Geppetto's house. However, as the Oak Fairy had warned, the situation becomes complicated and Geppetto is forced to kick him out of the house. Pinocchio decides to go out into the world, but he is always aware of the troubles that follow.…

Merry Christmas Pinocchio – The film

The 24-minute film, entitled “Merry Christmas Pinocchio”, is made up of excerpts from the TV series and new animations. It was produced by Tatsunoko and broadcast in Japan on December 24, 1973 on the TBS network.


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