The teaser for “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” takes a look at the vast animated landscape of Africa

The teaser for “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire” takes a look at the vast animated landscape of Africa

Amid all the buzz around the streamer's big Star Wars Day launch this week (May 4, in case you missed it), the Disney+ South Africa Twitter account gave fans a glimpse into a new galaxy of imagination animated in the new teaser trailer of Kizazi Moto: Fire Generation. Announced in 2021 and originally scheduled for 2022, the anthology of thrilling science fiction shorts from animated storytellers across Africa will finally arrive this year.

The title comes from the Swahili phrase “kizazi cha moto”, or “fire generation”, which Tendayi Nyeke South African studio Triggerfish explained in the original announcement captures “the passion, innovation and excitement that this new cohort of African filmmakers is ready to bring to the world.”

Collaborating with animation houses across the continent and around the world, Triggerfish serves as the lead studio for the anthology, featuring Nyeke and Anthony Silverstone as supervisor of producers. Oscar-winning director Peter Ramsey (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) acts as an executive producer.

“I am truly delighted to be part of an innovative, fresh and exciting project that aims to expose the world to a whole new wave of creativity and invention from a place that is just ready to explode onto the world animation scene,” Ramsey commented in 2021. “The films in the anthology run the gamut when it comes to science fiction. There are stories that touch on other worlds, time travel and alien beings, but all these genre conventions are seen through an African lens that makes them totally new. I can't wait for people to go crazy and say 'I want more!'”

Kizazi Moto: Fire Generation will contain 10 films lasting approximately 10 minutes. Filmmakers chosen from more than 70 top creators who submitted their ideas for the show are Ahmed Teilab (Egypt), Simangaliso 'Panda' Sibaya E Malcolm Wope (South Africa), Terence Maluleke E Isaac Mogajane (South Africa), Ng'endo Mukii (Kenya), Shofela Coker (Nigeria), Nthato Mokgata E Terence Neal (South Africa), Pius Nyenyewa E Tafadzwa Hove (Zimbabwe) Cepo Moche (South Africa), Raimondo Malinga (Uganda) e I use Vorster (South Africa).

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