The Fortnite Impostors video game as Among Us

The Fortnite Impostors video game as Among Us

Fortnite has never shied away from its pop culture references (and stealing stuff from other creators), so it's no surprise that their new mode,

Fortnite Impostors, do a little of both.

The mode is very similar to Among Us: Up to ten players are assigned the role of Agent or Imposter, with Agents having to complete tasks to get The Bridge to work and the Imposters trying to win by sabotaging tasks, teleporting players and manipulating people into believing they are also their agents. Imposters can even complete assignments to appear less suspicious.

Of course, voice chat is disabled, but there is still text chat, which will allow you to communicate in emoticons or using the quick chat menu, and you can only play with friends in Private or Friends only, or join one full party in Audience.

Oh, what if you find out who the impostors are? Just call an emergency meeting - er, "Force a discussion," by reporting a corpse or by pressing "Discussion" mode in the central room. You'll then have to expel the suspect from The Bridge, but if he's actually an agent, you've just made the impostors' job easier.

Agents can win by completing all their tasks or by eliminating all impostors and impostors can win by eliminating all agents.

If you've always wanted to play Among Us, but with more dance emotes and fewer permissions from the original developers, then the time has come: Fortnite Impostors is out today.