The video trailer of the anime of Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad

The video trailer of the anime of Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad

The official channel of Youtube of the video game Tales of Luminaire area of Bandai Namco Entertainment began broadcasting the video trailer of the anime Tales of Luminaria the Fateful Crossroad, the adaptation of the game for smartphones. The video highlights a fight between Leo and Hugo and premieres the game's inspirational song "Answer" by Frederic e Keina Suda.

Funimation will stream the anime.

The English cast and three of the Japanese cast of characters include:

Ryohei Arai/Aaron Dismuke in the role of Leo Fourcade
Miho okasaki/Cristina Vee in the role of Celia Arvier
Dawn M. Bennett in the role of Michelle Bouquet
Suzie yeung in the role of Yelsy Tw'Elteu Huainaz'jin
Jamie Marchi in the role of Vanessa Morax
Micah Solusod in the role of Lucien Dufaure
Ricco fajardo in the role of Maxime Hasselmans
Colleen Clinkenbeard in the role of Lisette Regnier
Kaito takeda/Eric Vale in the role of Hugo Simon
J. Michael Tatum in the role of August Wallenstein
Caitlin Glass in the role of Alexandra von Sonne
Christopher R. Sabat in the role of Bastien Forge
Monica Rial in the role of Laplace
Daman Mills in the role of Gaspard Herbet
Bryn Apprill in the role of Amelie Laurence
Clifford Chapin in the role of Falk
Jason Liebrecht in the role of Edouard Rouquier
Cherami Leigh in the role of Lydie Delacroix
Brandon Potter in the role of Raoul
Megan Shipman in the role of Ana-Maria Marschner
Brittney Karbowski in the role of Charles

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