The Wind of Amnesia (Kaze no Na wa Amnesia) – 1990 anime film

The Wind of Amnesia (Kaze no Na wa Amnesia) – 1990 anime film

“Memory is the library of the soul,” wrote Plato. But what happens if that library is blown away by an unstoppable wind? This is the question that “Il Vento dell'Amnesia” (“A Wind Named Amnesia” in the original title) attempts to answer. Originally a 1983 Japanese novel written by Hideyuki Kikuchi, the animated film was directed by Kazuo Yamazaki and produced by Madhouse, and was released in 1990.

What the series is about?

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a mysterious wind has erased all people's memories, reducing civilization to a prehistoric era. The protagonist, Wataru, meets Johnny, a man who, thanks to a government experiment, has managed to maintain his memory. Johnny helps Wataru regain language and basic functions, but dies shortly after. Wataru, now equipped with a new purpose, embarks on a journey accompanied by Sophia, a mysterious woman with a particular mission.

An Odyssey Towards Recomposition

Behind this dystopian scenario, “The Wind of Amnesia” explores profound themes such as memory, identity and humanity. Despite its devastating impact, the wind of amnesia also serves as a clearing mechanism, forcing society and characters to confront the true essence of being human.

A Classic Rediscovered

Critics have called the film a true classic. Raphael See of THEM Anime Reviews called it a "sleeper hit", while Anime News Network praised its depth, despite criticizing an ending considered weak. The film is described as “one of the most unique and creative post-apocalyptic tales ever woven” by Bamboo Dong. It's also impossible to ignore the film's high production numbers, often cited as one of its strong points.

Alien Memories and Human Destiny

One of the most intriguing twists in the story is when Sophia reveals that she is an alien and that her race is responsible for the wind that erased Earth's memory. This revelation poses a fundamental ethical question: do we have the right to alter the evolution of another planet, even if with good intentions?

Final Reflections

“The Wind of Amnesia” is much more than a simple animated film. It is a philosophical journey through the labyrinth of human memory, an investigation into the essence of identity and a survey of the ethics of manipulation. Its theme continues to be relevant, especially in an era dominated by technology and Big Data, where our memory is constantly under siege. If you have the opportunity, take a journey into the wind of Amnesia; it's a journey that could forever change the way you see yourself and the world around you.

With these words, I invite you to rediscover or discover this forgotten masterpiece for the first time. It's a film that deserves to be seen again with fresh eyes, especially at a time when the question of collective memory is so relevant. “The Wind of Amnesia” is available in various home video and streaming editions, to allow everyone to be overwhelmed by this whirlwind of emotions and reflections.

Technical Sheet: “The Wind of Amnesia”

Original title: 風の名はアムネジア (Kaze no Na wa Amnesia)
Original language: Japanese
Country of Production: Japan
Production year: 1990 mm
Duration: 80 minutes
Gender: Animation, Adventure, Science Fiction

Technical and Artistic Staff

Regia: Kazuo Yamazaki
Subject: Hideyuki Kikuchi
Film script: Kazuo Yamazaki, Kenji Kurata, Yoshiaki Kawajiri
Production house: Madhouse
Distribution in Italian: Granata Press
Music: Hidenobu Takemoto, Kazz Toyama
Art director: Mutsuo Koseki
character design: Satoru Makamura

Voice actors

Original version

  • Kazuki yao: Wataru
  • Keiko Toda: Sophia
  • Kappei Yamaguchi: Johnny
  • Noriko Hidaka: Lisa
  • Osamu Saka: Simpsons
  • Yūko Mita: His
  • Daisuke Gori: Little John

Italian version

  • Riccardo rossi: Wataru
  • Cinzia de carolis: Sophia
  • Massimiliano Alto: Johnny
  • Francesca Guadagno: Lisa
  • Gianni Vagliani: Simpsons
  • Paola Majano: His
  • Giuliano Santi: Little John