Three Merry Sailors / Beany and Cecil – the 1962 animated series

Three Merry Sailors / Beany and Cecil – the 1962 animated series

Three Merry Sailors, also known as Beany and Cecil, was an animated television series created by Bob Clampett and broadcast in the United States in 1962. In Italy, the series was broadcast for the first time in the early 70s by Rai and later in the 90s by Italia 1.

The series tells the adventures of Beany, a boy with a propeller cap, and his friend, a sea serpent called Cecil. Together, they sail the oceans in the company of their captain, Captain Huffenpuff, experiencing adventures always bordering on the surreal and senseless. Accompanied by supporting characters and antagonists, the protagonists find themselves facing sea monsters, populations with bizarre customs and curious discoveries, which leave spectators, especially the little ones, amused and pleasantly puzzled.

The series, created by Bob Clampett, a former Warner Bros. animator, is characterized by an original plot and unique characters. Among the supporting characters and antagonists, the character of Rocco the Dishonest stands out, a classic "bad guy" with a moustache, greedy and dressed in black.

Three Merry Sailors was a great success and still has a following of loyal fans today. The series was broadcast in several countries, becoming a cartoon classic. And although many years have passed since its creation, the series continues to be loved by viewers of all ages.

Data Sheet

Original title: Beany and Cecil

Original language: English

Country of Production: United States

Author: Bob Clampett

Production Study: Bob Clampett Productions

Original Television Network: ABC

First TV in the USA: 6 January – 30 June 1962

Number of Episodes: 26 (complete series)

Image Format: 4: 3

Duration of Each Episode: 30 minutes

Distribution network in Italy: Rai

First TV in Italy: Early 70s

Number of Episodes in Italy: 26 (complete series)

Gender: Comedy


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