Toei Animation has aired the trailer for Kaiju Decode

Toei Animation has aired the trailer for Kaiju Decode

The Toei Animation streamed a test teaser for Kaiju Decode, his CG anime collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions.

The Toei Animation is also streaming a VR trailer titled "First Contact" for the project, referred to as the "first part" of the project. The trailer shows a scene that can be viewed through virtual reality (VR) devices from three different perspectives.

The project is a collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions e Toei Animation. Producers for the project include Kouichi Noguchi e Masahiro Onda. Noguchi is the anime producer like Expelled from ParadiseKADO - The Right Answer, while Onda is a veteran Tsuburaya Productions producer for projects such as Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial, as well as an executive producer on the SSSS. Gridman anime series. Hollywood CG Artistic Director You are Nakashima is the character designer.

Source: Toei animation'S Youtube channel (link 2)