Tom & Jerry Channel + Tom & Jerry in New York - New series premiered on Boomerang

Tom & Jerry Channel + Tom & Jerry in New York - New series premiered on Boomerang

A truly unmissable appointment with two of the most famous and beloved protagonists of animation arrives on Boomerang + 1 (Sky channel 610).

The new TV series TOM & JERRY IN NEW YORK makes its debut on the channel. The appointment is starting from October 1st, every day, at 8.05am.

The new show starring Tom & Jerry is set in the big apple and continues to tell the adventures that fans of the unbridled duo were able to see in the 2021 film produced by Warner Bros., TOM & JERRY.

The two live in the heart of Manhattan, in a luxury hotel and all the stories that will involve them range from the most iconic places in New York: from Central Park, to the historic museums, passing through the unmistakable taxis that run fast through the streets of metropolis.

The new series will debut in the TOM & JERRY CHANNEL, the pop up channel entirely dedicated to the most quarrelsome but most irresistible cat-mouse couple ever.

Within the pop up channel, to go on air at 8.30, at 12.15 and at 18.30, a selection of the funniest and most loved films that see them as protagonists including: TOM & JERRY MEET SHERLOCK HOLMES, TOM & JERRY: WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY , TOM & JERRY AND THE WIZARD OF OZ, TOM & JERRY: GIANT ADVENTURES, TOM & JERRY: OPERATION SPY, TOM & JERRY AND ROBIN HOOD, TOM & JERRY: FAST & FURRY and TOM & JERRY: ROUTE TO MARS.

There will also be many episodes taken from past seasons TOM & JERRY TALES and TOM & JERRY SHOW and many themed marathons, Cat and Mouse Investigations at 13.30 e Witches and Magic, at 20.10 pm.

Between messes and mutual teasing, the adventures of Tom and Jerry never cease to entertain and conquer the public, who from generation to generation renew their loyalty to the couple who, behind the fierce rivalries, still hides a great friendship.