Unicorn: Warriors Eternal – The 2023 animated series

Unicorn: Warriors Eternal – The 2023 animated series

In the universe of animation, few series manage to capture the imagination of viewers like "Unicorn: Warriors Eternal". Created by Genndy Tartakovsky, one of the pillars of the world of animation, and broadcast on Adult Swim, this series has won the hearts of fans since its first appearance in 2023.

Visual influences and artistic style When talking about “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal,” it's impossible not to notice the visual aspect of the series. The animations are a tribute to the works of two masters of the genre: Osamu Tezuka and Max Fleischer. This artistic combination gives the series a unique personality, made up of distinctive features and enveloping atmospheres.

A long-gestating production The birth of “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” was not easy. Tartakovsky had conceived the idea early in his career at Cartoon Network Studios. After almost two decades of proposals and rejections by various studios, the series is finally announced to the general public in 2020, thanks to the support of Cartoon Network and HBO Max. The production sees the collaboration of international animation studios such as Studio La Cachette in France and Studio Zmei in Bulgaria, ensuring unprecedented visual quality.

Plot and themes covered At the center of the narrative we find a team of ancient heroes, symbols of goodness and courage, represented through the figure of unicorns. However, a premature awakening catapults them into the bodies of adolescents, bringing with them all the emotional load and anxieties typical of that age. The series is not limited to epic battles and magic, but also explores profound themes such as memory loss, self-discovery and the challenges of growing up.

“Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” offers a unique insight, mixing the humor derived from adolescent situations with moments of deep reflection. Not only must the heroes protect the world from a dark threat, but they must also confront their own inner demons, making the series an emotional and engaging journey.

The story of Unicorn:Warriors Eternal

In the heart of industrial and foggy London, the gripping plot of "Unicorn: Warriors Eternal" unfolds, an animated series that has masterfully blended the fantasy epic with the dark and disturbing atmosphere of the industrial revolution. This story is not only a tale of magic, but also a journey through self-discovery, friendship and the courage to face adversity.

Heroes Out of Time The nerve center of the plot is the unexpected awakening of three legendary heroes, known as Unicorns, in the Victorian streets of London. However, an error of fate causes them to awaken in the bodies of adolescents, rather than the comely adult bodies in which they had always lived in their past incarnations. The sorceress Melinda, the cosmic monk Seng and the elf warrior Edred are the beating heart of this adventure.

With their memories hazy and magical abilities compromised, the task of unraveling the dark plot threatening the city becomes even more complex. Fortunately, they are not alone in this undertaking: at their side is Copernicus, a steam-powered robot, a tangible symbol of the technological innovation that permeates the London in which they move.

A Puzzle to Complete The narrative of “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” unfolds like a puzzle. Each episode adds a piece to the complex plot, leading the heroes - and with them the spectators - through puzzles, fights and personal discoveries. The target? Unravel the nature of the threat looming over the city and find a way to defeat it.

The characters of Unicorn: Warriors Eternal

Emma Fairfax (Hazel Doupe) Belonging to the wealthy Fairfax family, Emma is a London aristocrat whose days changed dramatically when the soul of the sorceress Melinda awakened within her. Their conflicting personalities lead to emotional outbursts during which Emma loses control of her powers.

Melinda (Grey DeLisle) A powerful sorceress from ancient times, whose spirit is now housed in Emma's body. With a complex history, her presence within the young woman brings with it both strength and vulnerability.

Alfie (Demari Hunte) This young orphan, who once lived in the remains of an abandoned school, now carries the soul of Seng, a cosmic monk. Waking up in such a young body left Alfie in a state of dreamlike torpor, but over time he proves to be increasingly aware and centered.

Seng (Alain Uy) A cosmic monk who, in ancient times, traveled across the planes of existence. His wisdom and spiritual strength continue to shine through Alfie.

Dimitri Dynamo (Tom Milligan) Behind his street magician skills, Dimitri hosts the soul of the elf warrior Edred. While many of Edred's memories remain intact, there is a fog enveloping Dimitri's mind, making it difficult to distinguish between the present and the past.

Edred (Jacob Dudman) A proud elf warrior, whose skills and memory shine through Dimitri. Edred's experience and determination are fundamental to the group's mission.

Copernicus This steam robot was the catalyst that united the souls of heroes across the ages. Although he cannot speak, he communicates through a series of whistles and clicks, and is essential to the team.

Secondary characters

  • Mr. Edward Fairfax (Ron Bottita): Emma's distinguished father, representative of the rigid London aristocracy.
  • Mrs. Katherine Fairfax (Rosalind Ayres): Emma's loving mother, who keeps many secrets.
  • Merlin (Jeremy Crutchley): The most famous wizard in history, his wisdom and power played a vital role in the formation of the Order of the Unicorn.
  • Winston (George Webster): Emma's lover, whose search for her leads him into a dangerous transformation.
  • Evil (Grey DeLisle): The heroes' nemesis, a dark presence that has taken many forms throughout the story. His latest incarnation is an anthropomorphic fox full of mischief and power.


The mastermind behind cult series like “Dexter's Laboratory” and “Samurai Jack,” Tartakovsky conceived “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” during his early years at Cartoon Network Studios. Comparing his previous projects to a “boot camp,” he revealed that these works were merely preparation for what was to come. However, the path to making the series was not easy. Despite the success of his previous work, Tartakovsky struggled to find a company willing to finance the project. The series went through several attempts and rejections, moving from Cartoon Network to Netflix, before finding a home on HBO Max.

During the long development period, many initial elements were discarded or revised to avoid clichés, such as the eternal conflict between magic and technology. At the same time, Tartakovsky had the opportunity to develop ideas for multiple seasons, proposing a narrative spread over four seasons.

Inspirations and Influences The roots of “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” lie in several sources of inspiration. Tartakovsky, influenced by the funeral scene in Walt Disney's “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” wanted to demonstrate that stylized, “cartoony” animation can express profound emotions. Watching his children grow, he was inspired to delve deeper into the growth and development of the characters in the series.

On an aesthetic level, the series reflects Tartakovsky's love for the works of Max Fleischer and Osamu Tezuka. Tezuka, known to have been influenced by Fleischer and Disney cartoons, offered Tartakovsky a rich repertoire of styles and themes. The character designs also reflect a retro aesthetic, but presented in a contemporary way, the result of collaboration with Stephen DeStefano.

Production In October 2020, the official announcement of the series was made by HBO Max and Cartoon Network. Described as a supernatural animated series, it is based on myths and legends from around the world. The production sees Sam Register as executive producer together with Tartakovsky, while the soundtrack was entrusted to Tyler Bates and Joan Higginbottom. The animation was carried out by Studio La Cachette in France and Studio Zmei in Bulgaria.

Conclusions “Unicorn: Warriors Eternal” is a tribute to the art of animation, a fusion of epic stories, deep emotions and innovative design. With roots that lie in decades of animation history and a modern and compelling plot, the series promises to be a point of reference for fans of the genre.

Data Sheet

  • Gender:
    • Dramatic
    • Fantasy
    • Steampunk
  • Created by: Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Written by:
    • Darrick Bachman
    • Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Directed by: Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Main entries:
    • Hazel Doupe
    • Demari Hunte
    • Tom Milligan
  • Music:
    • Tyler Bates
    • Joanne Higginbottom
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Original language: English
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 10
  • Executive producer:
    • Sam Register
    • Genndy Tartakovsky
  • Supervising producer: Shareena Carlson
  • Episode duration:
    • 21-23 minutes (standard)
    • 33 minutes (episode 7 only)
  • Production houses: Cartoon Network Studios
  • Entertainment services:
    • Studio La Cachette
    • Studio Zmei
  • Original broadcast network: Adult Swim
  • Date of transmission: 5 30 from May to June 2023
  • Source: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicorn:_Warriors_Eternal

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