Updates on animated TV series and streaming from around the world

Updates on animated TV series and streaming from around the world

Genius Brands Internationalthe hit animated series, Rainbow Rangers, is dramatically increasing its number of views across multiple media around the world, including its Kartoon Channel anchor platform! in the United States, in addition to Netflix (S1 entered the Top 10 of children's shows), Amazon Prime Video Direct, HBO Max, Nickelodeon Latin America and the largest Chinese broadcaster, CCTV, among others. Rainbow Ranger will also launch on Paramount + on August 18th. The rescue-based series (2 seasons available, third in production) follows the adventures of seven girls who are the first rescuers of the Earth, protecting people, animals, resources and the natural beauty of our world.

The success of the broadcast corresponds to the development of a new 2022 retail program with master toy partners, Never Wrong Toys. The retail program is based on a wide range of preschool products, initially focused on the toy category. The launch is scheduled to coincide with the world premiere of S3, exclusively on Kartoon Channel!

“The recent success of Rainbow Rangers reminds me of the first trajectory of Strawberry Shortcake, which started with Hasbro Toys, but moved to Bandai Toys and Playmates, where it eventually led a very successful multi-billion dollar global licensing program, ”said Andy Heyward, president and CEO of Genius Brands. “We are taking a page from the Strawberry Shortcake playbook, with Emmy Award-winning producer Mike Maliani of that property leading the production of Rainbow Rangers in the third season, introducing a twist in the new season: the addition of a perfume in the plot! Not dissimilar  Strawberry Shortcake where all the dolls and the products were strawberry scented, the dolls and the products they came out of Rainbow Rangers it will also be scented. We believe this will be a major driving factor in the women's product category ”.

Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl

The Pokémon Company International announced that the Pokémon animation is heading towards the with the BBC (UK) for the first time this August, as the broadcaster acquires two full story arcs from Pokémon from the series collection for BBC iPlayer, together with the feature film associated with narrative arcs Pokémon the movie movies for linear and iPlayer. With a total of 331 x 24 'episodes plus eight feature films, fans are ready for an animated party to help them celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic entertainment brand, which launched in Japan in 1996 with two Game Boy titles.

BBC iPlayer viewers can enjoy Ash and Pikachu's adventures with all episodes of Pokémon from the series: Diamond and Pearl, 189 episodes, and Pokémon from the series: Black and White, with 142 episodes. Diamond and Pearl will be available exclusively to UK audiences on BBC iPlayer from August 2nd, while Black White will follow this autumn on a non-exclusive basis.

solar bunniesSunny Bunnies

Entertainment and family content distributor based in London Media IM Incorporated closed its first business in the US Hispanic market, 63 million strong (19% of the US population) for its successful property, Sunny Bunnies. It also reports a number of sales and renewals in Europe for the global kindergarten phenomenon, including its first sale in Finland.

  • TakesTV, the new free streaming service launched in March by Spanish-language media giant Univision, has secured AVOD rights for the first three seasons of solar bunnies, to be launched by the end of the summer. PrendeTV will also broadcast 22-minute compilations of the show.
  • Streamer tv he also acquired the first three seasons of solar bunnies with an AVOD / FAST agreement. Launched in May 2020 in the US, Canela Media's proprietary platform is considered the first free streaming service for bilingual US Hispanics. Canela.TV was launched in Mexico in April 2021 and now plans to be distributed throughout Latin America.
  • Sky Kids in the UK it is taking the latest Sunny bunny series - season five - and re-firing seasons three and four with a 24-month SVOD agreement.
  • TF1 in France it is also taking the fifth season for its AVOD and SVOD service and extending the rights for the fourth season until December 2022.
The world of karma

Karma's World

Leading company in Europe in the entertainment sector for children and families Junior Planet has signed an agreement with 9 Story Media Group and represent Karma's World (The world of karma) in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The agreement was reached with 9 Story Brands, the division dedicated to brand management and consumer products of 9 Story Media Group.

Rooted in fashion, music and dance, the 6- to 9-year-old series focuses on 10-year-old Karma Grant, an aspiring musician / rapper with enormous talent and heart who finds her voice and uses it to change the world. Karma's World (The world of karma) was created by Grammy winner Ludacris, inspired by his eldest daughter.

In addition to the preview launch of Netflix, 9 Story will provide localized YouTube, social media and PR strategies to support each territory. Mattel has already joined Karma's World (The world of karma), and will launch a full line of toys in 2022. Planeta Junior will develop the local licensing program in apparel, accessories, back to school, HBA, role play, arts and crafts and more.



Future Today, the only full-stack streaming solution that packages branded channels and allows audiences to watch them, has announced the launch of streaming channels CoComelon, the most viewed YouTube channel in the world with over 3,5 billion average monthly views, and iFood.tv, one of the leading online food communities, for VIZIO SmartCast TV.

Located in the free channel programming guide on VIZIO SmartCast, viewers now have 24/24 access to CoComelon. The worldwide phenomenon of children has surpassed 100 million subscribers on YouTube and has garnered nearly 100 billion views on the platform. CoComelon teaches children how to cope with daily activities and role models with a sense of enthusiasm.

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