“Weird Waters”: From Successful TV Series to Animated Film with YouTube Star

“Weird Waters”: From Successful TV Series to Animated Film with YouTube Star

In an industry like animation, where competition is fierce and creativity is the currency of the kingdom, every success is a major achievement. It is therefore with great interest that we welcome the news of the evolution of “Weird Waters”, an animated television series that is about to make its big leap to the big screen.


From Small to Large Screens: A Strategic Transition

Wada Wada Entertainment, the independent production company behind the project, recently announced the start of pre-production on its first animated feature film. The news comes after two successful seasons of television distributed by 9 Story Distribution International and broadcast on Peacock, Roku and Tubi in the United States, as well as various streaming platforms globally.

A Stellar Cast for an Undersea Adventure

Created by Frank Sandor, co-founder of Wada Wada, “Weird Waters” is a CGI animated fantasy adventure that follows the adventures of three tropical fish friends: BZ, IM Tiger and Jam. Jam's character will be voiced by Anastasia Radzinskaya, better known as Like Nastya, a YouTube star with a global following of over 350 million subscribers. For Nastya, this marks her first foray into the world of cinema, and expectations are high.

Universal Values ​​and Strong Characters

One of the strengths of the project is the attention to the themes of friendship, courage and self-confidence. In a context as fascinating as it is dangerous like that of the sea abysses, the characters will be called upon to prove their worth, making the story particularly suitable for a young but also an adult audience, thanks to its universal messages.

A Team of Professionals

Behind the scenes, the film has a remarkable team of talent. The screenplay is signed by Joshua Staman, already author of the series, while the direction is entrusted to Salem Arfaoui, animation veteran with titles such as "Moana", "Despicable Me" and "The Secret Life of Pets" in his curriculum. The production involves Wada Wada Entertainment, Lunchbox Labs and Jeremy Loethen.

A story in the making

Though the theatrical release date is slated for early 2025, expectations for “Weird Waters” are already high. As stated by Sandor, the goal is to extend the narrative universe of the series, bringing these "finned friends" to the big screen and confirming their popularity.

In conclusion, "Weird Waters" seems to have all the ingredients to replicate - and perhaps exceed - the success already achieved on the small screen. We look forward to further developments and can't wait to dive into this new underwater adventure.

Gianluigi Piludu

Author of articles, illustrator and graphic designer of the website www.cartonionline.com