Crazy Animals - The Twisted Whiskers Show - The 2010 animated series

Crazy Animals - The Twisted Whiskers Show - The 2010 animated series

Crazy animals (original title The Twisted Whiskers Show) is a 2010 animated television series based on the Twisted Whiskers greeting cards created by Terrill Bohlar for American Greetings. The series premiered as a Hasbro / Discovery television program, Discovery Family on October 10, 2010. Consisting of 26 half-hour episodes in CG computer graphics, it was produced by American Greetings Properties, DQ Entertainment, MoonScoop LLC , CloudCo, Inc. and Telegael. The series was broadcast in Italy with the title “Crazy animals“, In the UK on CBBC and later on MTV3 Junior in Finland.


Dander - A cat accustomed to the "good life", lives with a woman who works in politics and foreign relations. Anything outside his kitten world is approached with a naivety that gets him into trouble. Usually seen with his friend, Yawp, they are in a continuing saga to return home after falling from a moving truck.

Yawp - While this feisty little puppy can't talk, he's definitely not short on personality.

Dine & Dash - Two stray cats with matching black and white stripes, Dine is the fast-talking leader and Dash the adorable drug. The two usually go to great lengths to get food from theft to scam.

Goosers - A consummate yellow labrador retriever who is loyal and trustworthy. It usually has to do with protecting its owner Claude or something that man holds dear, from some strange event.

Tiny Head - An adult tabby cat with a kitten-sized head, Tiny Head is an eternal optimist whose talk often makes him oblivious to everything around him.

Cutie Snoot - This little kitty has pink fur, looking cute but with an evil streak on her.

Mister Mewser - A closed house cat with tuxedo marks living in a huge Victorian mansion, the fate of its owners has never been revealed. Considering himself more of a sophisticated human, Mewser keeps rats as contract servants and enjoys watching old westerns.

Smidgeon - It's Mister Mewser's little mouse butler. He and Mewser like each other more than they both would like to admit.

Ird the Bird - A blue jay with a deep voice, Ird makes a cameo in most episodes and acts as an antagonist in some.

Von Ripper - A shark-like guard dog with a silvery gray coat, spiked collar and a mouth full of ugly sharp teeth. It usually acts as an antagonist most of the time.

Sinister Squirrel - A mad squirrel identified by a piece of fur missing from its tail. Known as Goosers' enemy and Ird's neighbor.

Zippy the Greyhound - This retired racing dog is shocked by too many years on the track. The slightest noise plunges him, usually into something painful.

Cambridge Kitty - An alley psychologist, offering his scientific opinion to anyone who comes for his guidance.

Flouncie - A large dog with a self-image problem and wants a playmate, seeing herself being delicate despite being strong enough to unknowingly kill any unfortunate animal she befriends.

Gasper - Tiny Head's pet goldfish is a victim of his friend's unintentionally damaging signs of kindness.

Jack - An intellectual terrier with glasses, who takes off while in the presence of his owner.

Broken Bear - A bear whose labeling by wildlife authorities led him to the illusion that he was abducted by aliens. As a result, Broken Bear expects the aliens to return so that he can be revived and serve them as their leader.

Technical data

Gender Comedy, Slapstick
Created by Terrill Bohlar (characters)
Written by Timothy Björklund, Bill Kopp, Mr. Lawrence, Martin Olson, Mike RyanDirected by Bill Kopp
Music Ryan Wiesbrock, John WF Goode
country of origin United States, Canada, France
Number of seasons 1
Number of episodes 52
Executive producers Tapaas Chakravarti
Jeffrey Conrad
Paul Cummins
Bill schultz
Mike Young
Michael Hirsh
Toper Taylor
Our Producers Sean Gorman
Ryan Wiesbrock
Editor Michael Bradley
Episode duration 22 minutes
(2 short films of 11 minutes)
Production company American Greetings Properties
DQ Entertainment
MoonScoop LLC
CloudCo, Inc.

Original network The Hub (United States)
Teletoon (Canada)
Dolby Digital 5.1 audio format
Original version 10 October - 1 December 2010