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Brawl Stars värityskuvats

Kytke tulostimeen virta ja napsauta valitsemaasi Brawl Stars malli. Sitten voit tulostaa ja värittää haluamallasi tavalla.. The fanart värityskuvats of the merkkiä on this page were Suunnittelu by Gianluigi Piludu GILP

Brawl Stars is a mobile game developed ja published by the Finnish studio Supercell. It was released in beta in June 2017 on iOS only in certain regions of the world. On Android, the game was released (still in beta) in June 2018 ja this time around the world. In December 2018, Supercell announces the end of the beta ja the official release of the game on iOS ja Android. Since this date, the game is regularly updated (approximately every 5 weeks) with new content (new merkkiä, new skins, new game modes…).

Brawl Stars is a fighting game where the goal is to defeat other players, with a reward ja ranking system. Players can choose between several fighters (brawlers), each with their own characteristics. Players can see their progress in the game thanks to the trophies they earn while playing ja which allow them to obtain rewards on a trophy progression line . Popular, three months after its release ja despite its free-to-play operation, the game generated more than $ 150 million thanks to the integrated microtransactions. The game became popular after its globalization, giving access to the game on any type of device (Samsung, Huawei, AppleModel), ja in the world