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Iron-Man värityskuvat
Turn on the printer ja click on the design of the Iron-Man. Next you can print it ja color as you like it.

Iron Man is a superhero of comics created in 1963 by Stan Lee's pen ja Larry Lieber for Don Heck's texts ja pencil for Suunnittelus. The story tells The story tells the industry ja mechanical engineer Tony Stark, who remains severely wounded in an ambush of guerrillas while he is in Vietnam for a governmental mission. Repatriated by enemies ja close to death, because of the shards who are about to reach his heart, with the help of a dissident scientist, he builds "the most powerful weapon of all time": a sophisticated electronic armor who allows Stark To survive, thanks to the built-in transistors, ja to rebel against his agents, to devote himself to the fight against crime. The multifaceted armor allows him to fly, emit distracting rays from his hands ja have a super force capable of lifting heavy vehicles with one hand.

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