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Kunnon dinosaurus värityskuvat

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The Suunnittelus rehearse the main scenes of the animated film produced by Disney Pixar and released on November 25, 2015 in cinemas.

We find the designs of Arlo's birth whin the egg of the apatosaurs Henry ja Ida opens. The scenes who concern the life of the farm with a insecure of Arlo, despite his father's many hopes.
Spot's discovery, the puppy of man who steals corncobs, from the Arlo family's filing.

Arlo lonely in the forest, without the help of his father, who has to go out alone to live, overcoming a thousand difficulties.

The discovery of Spot, his first enemy ja later his inseparable friend, bravely faces a Tetrapodophis to defend him.

Arlo because of an accident who happened to his father, he will have to face a long journey alone, to make his return to the farm. This adventure will lead him to overcome his insecurities who with the passage of time he will become his strength thanks to the help of Spot.

This is a baby of caverns of about 6 years, which as Arlo is alone without his parents ja therefore grew up like a wild. Unlike Arlo, Spot is courageous, does not behave like a human, but like a doggy puppy, expressing himself with gestures.

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